Seeing into the future. Life questions?

Discussion in 'General' started by All Alone Stone, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. How does it all work? How can we see into the future unknowingly of when what will happen.

    Are our lives set out on a path already chosen?

    When we die does the game (life) restart with different possibilities?

    Just wish I knew.

    Do you know?

    (Side topic) - Earth. Milky Way Galaxy. Our solar system. The universe is so huge.

    What is life like on other planets?

    Or are we the ONLY planet in all of The Universe that sustains life?

    And what does the edge of the universe look like? What is past it?
  2. Ah, the type of questions that will drive you crazy.
  3. this should probably be moved to the philosophy section, but on topic, i think other worlds have different levels of conciousness and maybe even different methods of perception instead of boring seeing, hearing, smell.
  4. Which is why I can't get really mad or bent on the bullshit that I've gone through in life. Compared to the Universe, it's nothing. Just accept it and walk out the door with a smile.
  5. True. I mean in the end, when the human species is gone and everything, nothing really ever mattered.

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