seeing girl after drunk talking

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  1. wats up gc.
    over the weekend i came home drunk and so i went on Facebook and starteed talkin to random girls. i messaged this one girl i know who she is and all but we never really talked.
    anyway we were chatin for a while and got her number and called her the next night and we were supposed to chill late night, but her dad wouldnt go to sleep.
    so anyway since then weve been talkin anytime we both on facebook (she cant text) and weve been in a poke war that she started.

    tomrowo monday first day back at school, is it gonna be weird/awk seeing her?
    how should i go about it? any advice i feel like its gonna be weird
  2. If you think it's going to be awkward then it probably will. Just talk to her like you do on FB, cause if you don't she's gonna think you're some type of rapists. :laughing:
  3. If you have talking to this girl like you normally would then there shouldnt be a problem. just be you. So many guys get hung up about how they act around girls. The only way you can ever have a relationship is if you are just plain old you.
  4. man the poke war part cracked me up
  5. lol my advice is when you see her just go give her a hug. and say whatsup. if she stops ya know just kinda talk to her fora minute. talk about new school shit. since its first day back at school. you can be like "oh what class do you gotta go to right now" then when she tells you say something about that teacher, "haa yeah my brother had her. he said shes a bitch" dont poke her. cause then shell just do a fake laugh and thats when shit gets awkward
  6. just ask her how she is, and smile at her. talk about things you got in common. just chill and dont be nervous, shes not going to eat you alive lol.
  7. Aww you'll be fine. its not like you woke up naked next to her after a night of crazy drunk sex. Just smile and say hi
  8. man i know how that feels
    i would talk to this girl on myspace (back in the day)
    but everytime i would see her at school it would be sooo awkward
    i rarely talked to her in person but we send messages back and forth
    it might take sometime for the awkwardness to go away
    just talk talk and talk
  9. I feel like the girl will feel kinda shy and more then likely not be running towards you saying hi.

    You got to step up and maybe say we should have lunch on whatever day you want so that you have a chance to actually sit down and talk with her instead of just the akward hi in the halls.
  10. No shit haha.

    Your good. Whats awkward is going back to a girls room drunk. do the dirty. Escaping her room early and quietly the next morning to not wake her. Then going to your ECN class that day only to realize she is in your class and you just never noticed...
  11. Poke her for real......

    I'm confused as to the advice you are asking for...sounds like she's into you and you can pretty much go anywhere you want from this position
  12. You got her number.. just talk to the girl!
  13. I swear to god this guy isn't over 18....
  14. ^^^ makes me lulz 4reals

  15. Lol, really?
  16. Yeah no shit lol
  17. I'm only pointin out the obvious cause the other day some kid admitted he wasnt over 18 but needed some serious stoner advice but everyone (including me :smoke: ) was makin fun of him cause he was gonna get banned, while this dude needs help with some dumb shit and no ones bustin his balls (well.... not as much as the other dude :D)
  18. I say yo go up to the chick and pick up from were you guys left off and keep on talking like its nothing...Then be like """YO I REALLY THINK YOUR PRETTY, WE SHOULD KICK IT SOME MORE.GET TO KNOW EACHOTHER BETTER. And you will be fine dont be STUPID like McLOVIN

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