seeing amazing concerts baked

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    tomorrow im seeing jack johnson with my friend for freee:Dwe gonna smoke like a eighth before we go hahaa.also im seeing carlos santana in september with my dad.will also be under the influence there.

    anybody seeing any sweet concerts anytime soon?

    oh ya i wanted to see ice cube in concert that would be so fun and funny lol
    and i missed slightly stoopid and jah roots
  2. do they give you a free ambien with your ticket so jack johnson can sing you to sleep?

    jack johnson sucks.
  3. :( i think its way chill lol lick my cunt
  4. post in the correct section next time and you wont get bothered for liking horrible music.
  5. Hey man, no need to be improper cold with him! Not that I'm not a huge fan of Jack Johnson myself.

    Should be a great time :smoking:
  6. saw him at bonnaroo this year, good as fuck, well so were the visuals and shit but it flowed real nice.
  7. Yea I saw Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, The Expendables, and Sly & Robbie at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley.
  8. savage dood
  9. I dont really go to concerts where smoking is a good idea. Too much punching in the face going on.
  10. that would like,hurt.
  11. I'm going to My Morning Jacket at Red Rocks tonight. I'ma be baked as hell! I am baked at every concert.

    On a side note, and I know scoobydooby67 already said this, but this should have been posted in Music Hall. I moved this one for you. Please read all forum descriptions before posting again. -Trikky
  12. I saw Whitesnake live a month ago.It was awesome.
  13. Just bought a ticket to see Bob Weir and RatDog and the Allman Brothers next week!

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