seeing a therapist tomorrow...

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    my mind is all over the place and thoughts are scattered, so a lot of this won't make any real sense. just jotting down thoughts.

    alright... so tomorrow i'm seeing a therapist. safe to say i'm nervous/anxious since to be honest i hate the idea of someone getting inside my head but i just wanted to hear what experienced patients think. it'll be my first time and it's for a number of reasons. i guess i have no focus or goal in life. i get up, go to work, come home, eat, blaze up, then sleep and do it all over. i've self diagnosed myself (for what it's worth) with social anxiety and it's been going on for at least a few years. i've never taken any drugs for it or anything. for anyone who has it and can relate knows how much it sucks. my only friend is my girlfriend, and i feel like me being attached to her so much can't be healthy for our relationship. i've also been diagnosed for mild depression. it was a lot more severe a couple years ago, but ever since i met my girlfriend it's been easier.

    i know therapists aren't magicians and i know i'm not going to walk out feeling like a completely new person right away, i'm just nervous/anxious and don't know what to expect. i know throwing money at personal issues won't fix them like certain people like to think. but this has been suggested to me by my mom over the years and i want to see what it's all about. she also suggested this therapist which brings me to my next question... therapists absolutely can't share info with anyone, can they? except the authorities probably, if they suspect i'm going to kill someone or something. i just don't want him sharing info with my mom. i'm 20 years old for what it's worth.

    TL;DR: poifjawirfgja903ghnpa3ogj-apo3gj4pa3opjm what should i expect from seeing a therapist?
  2. patient confidentiality
  3. ^gtfo then?
  4. OP, therapy is awesome, its cool to have someone pick your brain with you and give you an outside, unaffected perspective on things.

    Therapists are pretty much a dime a dozen though, so I'd recommend seeing 2-3 of them once and getting a feel for one you might like, as a therapist is a person and people need chemistry and all that.

    They can't tell anyone anything you said unless you are a danger to yourself or others. When i was seeing a therapist (don't anymore) I didn't tell him about my drug use for fear if that fell under the jurisdiction of danger to myself or others.. :laughing:
  5. i was worried about that too...but being a medical patient in CA i'm still not sure how that stands.
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    You should expect someone ready to hear about your problems and emotions- you are a blank slate to them, and they are more than willing to offer advice/listen to your problems (that's their job.) It's always good to have someone to talk to, about ANYTHING, and a therapist is the perfect person for the job. They're a complete stranger so you can confide the most intimate things with them, as they are bound by patient doctor confidentiality (unless you plan on hurting yourself or someone else.) So go in there willing to express any and all of your problems, OP. They're there to help, not to judge.

    @drug use, feel free to tell him that you smoke cannabis in your downtime and with friends. I don't see why it would be a problem (you're over thinking it)
  7. Just be honest with the therapist, and you do know you can do other things right.. stop being a little bitch thinking youre stuck in this "cycle". Be happy you have a job, and a house, and are able to blaze EVERY single day instead of work your ass off to provide a family in countries of war.

    be thankful for your fucking life, and change it if your not happy with it, dont bitch and moan and expect everyone to suck your toes
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  9. yeah. i'm hoping to just get some guidance as i feel like i'm going nowhere. seeing my friends go to school while i just cover rent. would be nice to introduce some new positive factors in my life but i have not many friends and a fear of doing things alone.

    to the person who suggested i suck it up and stop bitching, i also have a kid coming and the pressure from my immediate family including calling me a fucking idiot almost to the point of disowning me has messed with my head. so on top of dealing with family and paying rent, i have another mouth to feed. i hope you never end up in a similar situation where you're psychologically stuck.
  10. no, seeing as 70% of your posts on this forum are pictures of memes.
  11. i saw a therapist in the past. i didn't like it at first but i liked how she was unbiased to everything i said and gave me actually useful advice. therapy is good sometimes, just because it's healthy to talk about your feelings.

    btw, I read this thread title as "seeing therapist tomorrow"

    "seeing the rapist tomorrow". i fuckin lol'd
  12. Its good to have someone to open up to. All I have to say is don't bullshit them or beat around the bush. Be willing to be 100% open and honest if want any real help. They are there to listen.
  13. What if the therapist laughs or snickers
  14. Obviously you get in his face and tell him to "say it with his chest." You gotta establish early on in the therapist-patient relationship that YOU are the dominate one, OP. disclaimer: I'm just kidding.
  15. You have complete patient confidentiality, except if you're going to seriously harm yourself or others.

    If its a good therapist it should be fine. Relax, and remember they're people too, and aren't "getting inside your head" as much as they're there for help. Honesty is very important imo as well.

    Good luck man. Therapy can be a long and difficult process but I honestly think anyone could benefit from it.
  16. If you really want help than therapy is a good option. Don't let them shove any prescription medication down your throat though.

    I was diagnosed with ADD when I was 11 and I wish I never had been, took pills for it too, didn't really help just got me high as a kite.
  17. Fuck what's with the damn negativity

    There's always have to be someone to ruin it
    I haven't seen a thread ina while where positive feedback and no douches

    Grasscity was never like this back when I used to lurk around

    Sure everyone's lives here are a millions times better than other people in other countries
    But damn you guys act like no one can have Any problems and suppose to always be 100% happy.just cuz some other person in anotehr country has it harder
    But i do understand what you mean

    OP obvious has physiological problems
    Which can't be fixed by just "sucking it up"
    No matter how I agree that he has it good with a job and roof over his head
    Doesn't mean he's automatically expelled from having any problems
    Like cmon

    Help the dude out here
    He's willing to tell us his problems and people just love to bash
    Have some sympathy

    Be straight up and just let it all out man
    no matter how embarrassed or shy you may feel
    The more you just let it all out
    the easier and better it'll be for you

    Best luck to you man
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    [quote name='"SwichOne"']*didn't read meme*[/quote]

    How is this any different than the old "cool story bro" shit? Imo its worse, at least the cool story bro dumbasses may have read the story. You just come in here to boost your post count. No one cares you didn't read, I'm sure many others didn't read it and you don't see them posting about it. Get over yourself, bro. :rolleyes:

    OP, therapists can be a good outside perspective to your problems in life. However, like other have said they are not a magic cure all, and they don't know everything. Psychology is still a lucrative field but there are a lot of things we don't know about it. If you are committed to the therapy, you need to constantly work on the advice they give you. They're usually quite expensive so you want to make every meeting count. Good luck :smoke:
  19. yes OP, there is patient confidentially as long as you aren't planning on hurting yourself or others or doing anything illegal. is what i have been told.

    therapists can be extremely helpful OP! you should be excited to go you will probably enjoy having someone take time to talk to and understand you.

    but there is of course bad therapists. i went to one i absolutely loved one time and he was a insanely cool guy but then after that i went to this women who was just god awful.
    I just say see if you like this one, and if you don't you should find another one!

    good luck OP! :smoke:
  20. This is a good point to consider. :hello:
    Don't be afraid to switch up if the first one you go to do you don't like. No use paying someone if you don't feel like they are going to help you. Usually psychologists specialize in certain types of therapy, such as family or relationship therapy. If the first one you go to doesn't work it, you may find more luck with someone who has more experience on your types of problems.

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