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Seedy PickUp

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sixinchflop, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Picked up some of what I'd call mids and it turns out it has some seeds in, 0.7 had 14 seeds in that weighed at 0.2, My question is what would you guys do? Leave as is and pick out seeds before throwing into grinder(very tedious if you ask me) or mass remove all the seeds? If people do mass remove seeds what are some method of doing it efficiently without damaging trichs and other goodness in the process? I'm quite a young smoker in the eyes of the some so I'd be curious what some old timers used to do with they're shwag to get the seeds out
  2. When I was in Columbia in the mid 90's, we bought a bunch of weed that was so seedy we decided to just smoke it as is. Seeds were popping out of our joints like hot balls of popcorn. If I were you, I'd spend the little amount of time it'd take to squeeze out the seeds every time you want to smoke or take a coffee break and clean the whole bag. I don't know what .7 means. It couldn't be grams. All the trichs will be there, or at least what doesn't stick to your fingers. You don't have to worry about "damaging trichs".
  3. back in the day we would break it up the put it on one end of a paper plate and tilt/tap it so the seeds roll to the other think 14 seeds is bad try an oz of seeds from a lb of mexibrick
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  4. We used a record album, a double, like The Wall....put it in your lap and break the weed up then use a credit card to move the weed so the seeds roll to the center of the album.
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  5. Chew on them like sunflower seeds. If u r buying such low quantities ask ur ask ur connect to take out seeds before weighing. U can let him know one quarter of ur last purchase was seeds. Not cool but u r at his mercy unless u find someone else or start growing ur own.

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  6. if it's a lot you can put it in a strainer and hold it above boiling water so that it rehydrates and expands allowing the seeds to pop out of the buds. You need to dry the weed again after though.

    it will also make the weed look a lot nicer than it did before. this is a method that some shady dealers use to turn cheap shitty mids into medium grade seedless.

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