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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Grow420, Jun 18, 2002.

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  1. for anyone that wants to buy seeds from me , The prices are $3 each seed. $10 for any 5 seeds, $20 for 15 seeds. The list of seeds i have in full are.
    Western Winds
    Maui Waui
    Double Bubble
    Northern Lights #9
    Northern Barry
    Purple Skunk
    Sweet Tooth
    Afghani #1
    Orange Bud
    Leathal Purple
    Purple Kush
    Pamapa Red
    Red Devil
    BC Chronic
    Purple Haze

    im willing to trade also for C99, Bluebarry, white widow, G13, and any other strain that i may want. PM or email me.((address removed by moderator))
  2. really arent gonna get many people buying seeds from you like that. what if your a cop?you cant get g13 such thing....only clones.
  3. If he was a cop, I think it may be considered entrapment?

    Grow420 why not set up your own web site? you\'d have more success..
  4. oh yeah...i was thinking about that but didnt know if it applied to the internet....
  5. Sorry friend,,,but if you wish to sell seeds on this Superjoint..


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