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  1. I have a question once again... Can you determine what kinda plant its gonna be from what kinda weed you get the seed from, or how well you treat your crop????
  2. If I've understood the question right, then yes - which ever strain you get the seeds from will obviously be the same strain as the plant the seed grows to be.
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  4. Whoa, I think I did slightly mis-understand the question. The plant strain you get the seed from will be the same strain as that which the plant grows to be.

    The equipment you then use to grow the plant will effect how well it grows and how much bud it produces. The strain will give you information about height, estimated yield providing its grown properly etc.

    Hope this helps....
  5. Do you know n e good ways to make a plant produces more buds??? Can you force it to bud =)???
  6. Switching to a 12/12 light cycle will stimulate the plant to flower, however a longer vegetation will usually mean the plant will produce more bud overall.

    A strong light and a large pot for the plant to stretch its roots to extract nutrients will help to produce a better yield.

    Choosing a good strain is a good place to start, but it is a mixture of all the factors of growing which will produce a bigger and quality yield.
  7. Can you explain what that is??? I know the 12/12 cycle is with sunlight??? 12 hours of light, 12 hours of night??? But what is longer vegation?????????
  8. Vegetation is the stage of the plants life cycle that comes before flowering. In this period the plant should get as much light as possible - most people use 24/7 to start and then 18/6.

    If you rush the plant into flowering by forcing it with a 12/12 cycle, the plant may not grow to its full potential in the vegetating stage and so will limit the bud which is produced.
  9. So, i take it i need move it inside and use lights????? If so what kinda lights should i use???? like how many watt's and how far away should i keep it from my plant??????
  10. I apologise, this is the second time I'm done this - I keep forgetting I'm in the 'Outdoor Growing' section.

    Providing your growing at the right time of year, the plant will naturally adjust to the light cycle (stages of vegetation and flowering).

    So in theory if you get an early start outdoors the plant will get a longer vegetation and produce a good yield.
  11. I just went out and bought some lights! "PLANT GRO N SHOW" is tha name of the light, 60 watts and 120V....Is this light n e good or should i just wipe my ass with it, lol...Would you suggest that I leave em outside or bring it in to start Vegation? Also did you say that male plants produce buds????? If so are tha buds gonna look like buds or what are they gonna look like?? If male plants dont bud then what part of tha plant do i smoke, or wipe my ass with?????Thank you once again for the info-its usefull to my knowledge! Oh yeah, im starting cloneing if thats tha riight wurd- where you put tha seeds in a paper towel and get it damp..... Its a good strain and im putting them in a hydroponic system i stole from this garden shop down tha road.......=)<zzô
  12. i believe that having the right conditions and environment plays a large role in the growth and maturity of the plant but having nice seeds is important if you wish to grow firm resinous buds.i believe i have these seeds.
  13. I still beleive that its not what kinda strain you get the seeds from its how well you treat your plant, But yeah tha enviorment has a big role of what tha plants are gonna turn out to look like, From what i hear tha lights and shit make tha plant grow to be more healthy,potent,and mature faster??? I could be wrong, but I need to know the answear to tha questions i last posted if n e one can help me out on that????? UKSEEDSSUPPLIES?????WHERE YOU ATT?????HITT ME BACK! YOU SEEM TO KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKIN ABOUT.............
  14. its called genetics, the better the bud the better the seed "or strain" is going to be . growing conditions increase your potency adn yield
  15. Is that a proen fact???? So your saying if i took like commercial seeds and planted them it would be a commercial plant,even if i got like top of tha line nutrients and lights and fan and all that good shit it would still be a commercial plant????? Well n e wayz- i needa know if i should move my plant inside or out side??? Read 4 post up for details!

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