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  1. can i freeze seeds or will it mess them up? { The only dumb question is the one you dont ask }
  2. i think that is a very good q.

    and ur right...the only bad q is the one that isnt asked.

    my guess is yes but i dont know.
  3. HIGH All, did a little searching and came up with this.

    Seed Storage:

    Seeds can and should be stored in a refrigerator if they are not going to be used right away. The best storage method is to place seeds in a film canister with a few grains of rice (uncooked rice will absorb moisture). Place canister with contents in the refrigerator and they should have a shelf life of two years or more. The longer you wait to use your seeds, the greater the chances of germination rates lowering. If you wish to store for longer periods of time, then you can freeze them but make sure they are well dried before doing so.

    Hope this helps.

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