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  1. hey this might be a stupid question but a have cross bread a couple of my plants is there something i have to do to the seeds from it before they will actually grow i cant seem to get any of the seeds to start

    what am i doing wrong
  2. Take a seed and press it between your thumb and forefinger... press hard. Does it just mush together? If so, the seeds are not ripe. Also, if they are green, they are not ripe.

    They should be brown and 'hard'... that being the case simply give them a week or two to 'dry' and plant em. Should germ without a problem.
  3. if im breeding, i let the plant drop a few seeds on its own before I cut it down to harvest. they'll either fall naturally, or with the slightest touch. germ rate of seeds ive bred is 99.9% ( I had ONE seed that popped the soil, but was all deformed and shit...out of dozens)

    the mom wont let the eggs leave the nest until theyre ready to fly ;)
  4. thanks ill give it a shot thanks for you r help

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