Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Toberson, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. Ok my seeds arrived yesterday, and i read somewhere that if ur only planting like 4 you dont have to put them in wet towel for a while etc. so i just put them in..

    Will this work? Do i water them? and if so how much? how long will it take to sprout?
  2. do i water them?
  3. plain water and just enough to keep it moist :D.
  4. do i have the light on or off?
  5. cool... thats what ive been doing so yay :)..

    I planted them bout 2 days ago, NO sign of growth :(..
  6. .....and when do i turn the lights on?
  7. and when i do do i hvae it on 24/24 and how long do i have it on that system for?
  8. good little tip is to soak you seeds in a little cup of water for 24 hours before you put them in soil.

    Also a nice warm place is either on your refrigerator motor or on your water heater.

    Warm is the key. If its not warm they won't sprout for shit.

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