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  1. Every time I see a seed in a good sac of nugz, the first thing I do is set it aside to save since it's rare you find one. Once I learned a lil bout the sexing thing in plants I was kinda baffled... From what I understand you only grow the female plants and pull the male ones (because they have a greater potency - is that the only reason?) and the only way to get seeds is to polenate a female. Well then how are their seeds in my weed?? Am I smokin bud from a pollenated female? It got me high all the same but I was just curious.

    Another issue on seeds is that I live in the US and want to grow but like I said, seeds are scarce. Is it possible for me to buy from seedbanks, or legal?? If so, are there any possible problems you can forsee in them gettin intercepted by costums or any other agency where I could get in primo trouble?

  2. Yup, sounds right to me. What if you are just growing for personal use with a few plants in a closet setup and put all the time/money/effort into growing big healthy plants and 2 outta 3 turn out male... Think it would be worth it to finish off the male plants and harvest their bud?? (assuming I move the males to another location) Yea its less potent and less yield but its still gotta be better than shwag right???

    Keep tokin

  3. Have the beans sent to a house you're not growing at just to be safe.
  4. A possible reason for finding a seed or two in a bag of high quality bud is that when a female doesn't get pollinated, she will sometimes produce a single male flower and pollinate herself, this is a good thing, because although she can produce a male flower, she can't produce a male seed without pollen from a natural male. This means the seed produced by a self pollinated female is guaranteed to be a female seed. Self-pollination is not very common, but when I grew indoor on a large scale, I saw it quite a bit. Self-pollinating females are not to be confused with hermaphrodites, the seeds from a natural hermaphrodite will all be herm. as well.

    Sorry if this seems confusing, did the best I could.

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