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  1. I’m in FL, kind of hard to get shit to support this hobby while our local governor is against weed. Anyways...

    I’d like to order some seeds. Preferably online that will ship to me, but idk which sites exist. I tried googling but only found UK and CA companies selling seeds online.

    I’m wanting to grow about 12 females. Preferably 4 different strains (3 plants of each strain) how many seeds would I conceivably need to buy? I know only like 1/3 cannabis seeds sprout or something like that?

  2. There are many breeders and seed banks from around the world that will ship to FL.
    Good luck.
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  3. Not if you get them from a reputable seed bank. I've had almost 100% germination rate from 3 seperate banks. Try the vault. They are legit and @GaryEff - The Vault is always having giveaways here.
  4. Got mine from SeedsHereNow.
    100% germination, and They're US based,
    so no problems with Customs seizing them.

    Stealth shipping and they have a wide range of breeders and prices.

    2 weeks arrival to the USA
  6. Thanks guys!
  7. 100% germination from Growers' Direct.
    Just my experience.
  8. DC seeds - the only one I will use

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