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  1. Just wondering if it really is that stupid of an idea to send seeds to your house with a credit card. Is it really that risky? Because I'm thinking about ordering a few seeds.
  2. Done it a few times and haven't had an issue. They're not just a bag of seeds haha they're shipped "stealthy".
  3. Just be safe, send it to a different name at a location you're not growing at.
  4. It's safe. Just because you ordered seeds doesn't mean you're growing them. What if the cops kicked in your door 2 months from now and you still had the seeds in their original package? They'd look pretty stupid :smoke:
  5. Is it illegal to posess seeds? Of not why would they bother stealth packaging them?
  6. non-criminal violation in my state, possession of seeds. (as opposed to growing a lb = felony) "stealth" packaging is just another way to get you to spend more money and make you feel all cloak-and-dagger about it. I'll admit though, they get me for the t-shirt and crush-proof tin :D

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