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Seeds/Strains With High % THC

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Oscar_NL, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    I just registred myself here, and have to ask you guys someting.
    Last year i had a "papaya" outside at my balcony, in pots of 47 liters. (12.4 gallon)

    Papaya has a THC % at about 20%/21%

    For this year i am looking for seeds with a more high % of THC.
    This just cos i have a cronic illness, in my back,
    and smoking some good joints is perfect for sleeping at least 6 hours without wake up.

    Can you guys recommend me a strain with a higher volume of THC,
    if you have some links/comments...all is greatly apreciated.
    (how more high the %, how better in my case.
    Oh btw, sorry for my monkeystyle English, i know it sucks.:confused:

    With friendly greetings Oscar_NL
  2. Actually you don't need anything higher in thc, High thc content is found in sativa strains. Those type of strain give you more of a head/laughy mental high, Where as an indica (Low in thc, High in cannabanoids) gives you a nice body and muscle high that sooths you and gives you relaxation and for many a couch lock lol. So your problem isn't finding a strain with high thc, you need to find a nice indica like a kush or some g13 or some purps :D that should make you feel alot better.

    p.s. I'm a medical patient in colorado as well with pain under my shoulder blaids, I also have bi-polar so i need a sativa for my mental issuses and an indica for my shoulders which is why a nice hybrid suites me nicely sometimes :D
  3. purple power sure makes you sleepy...
  4. Don't take my word but i've heard that white widow is the strongest strain but not sure about it's thc content.
  5. White Russian is a strain that came in highest out of 150 strains at an independent testing that came out at 21%. There are strains being sold at seed companies for high prices claiming 41%! But, I doubt it. Remember there is no regulation in this market, and they can claim anything they want,even if they can't prove it. Papaya is probably less than claimed as well. By the way white russian is an indica which is probably the way you wanna go, unless it gives you too much couchlock, then look for a sativa hybrid that will give you a head high of sativa, and a body high of an indica. I saw one today and I forgot what it was.


  6. You want CBD not THC, CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving chemical. Just let any indica dominate strain mature to amber trichomes and the plant will have a high CBD%. I'd start with a strain like Black Domina or Deep Chunk.
  7. More THC = More psychosis / schizophrenia like effects can occur (basically you will be head tripping)
    More CBD = More body numb / Couch lock effects, You can still trip but it's less psychotic.

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