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  1. So heres the thing, a buddy of mine got a crapload of "Airy" (shwag lol) and after workin through it to get the seeds and sticks we realized we got a hefty amount of seeds.

    When we smoked the weed (of course rolled into a rail lol) we actually got pretty messed up. And if i smoke like a bowl or two in the morning before smoking my regular blunt of the goodness :smoke: i actually get pretty stoned. The bud itself is a light green with a pretty good amount of hairs, just looks like it was crammed into a box before being properly dried.

    Now my question is, if we took those seeds and grew them, theres a pretty good possibility we might wind up with some good buds, true? Given they are going to be in my growroom under the same conditions my haze plants usually are.
    Any intel would be much appreciated :D
  2. I grew bagseed before and got good skunky bud. It was better after a year long cure it actually gained alot of potency. I would say if you have a big number of credible seeds to work with you will get a good amount of bud. Bagseed females have always been heavy yielders for me, and there was also a good amount of crystals. I did one year of 20 bagseed plants and by the end of the season all had died, hermied, or turned male but 2 big fat females one clearly more sativa and one a little more indica. The two plants yielded 12 ounces combined. Grow the bagseed for fun, and bud, hell you might find a crazy phenotype.
  3. Yeah thats true, the thing is im not really searching for a strain with these since they all came from one plant. I just wanna know if I grow it the rite way and care for it, it doesnt really matter how shwagy the mother was rite? I mean after all marijuana is marijuana,,, its all about how well its grown and cured... correct?
  4. any more opinions? maybe from you experienced growers? Please lol, i dont wanna waste 3 months of my life growing something thats not worth it haha
  5. Ive heard the old saying "Garbage in, Garbage out" many times about this subject and im curious if the amount of TLC given a plant, regardless of genetics, really makes a difference.I think with proper care, ferts, and a bit of sugar at flowering you could possibly bring a bagseed fem to harvest a nice yeild.
  6. im sorry, did u say add sugar at flowering? :eek:

    I have never heard of this before, can u explain a bit further plz?
  7. you dont have to..but some peeps add molasses to the water at flowering.Read up on it.Look for nute additives like Sweet and Carboload.
  8. if the pot was light and fluffy it would of been an out door variety grown indoors and if you grew this again indoors it would prob still be light and fluffy,therefore wasting your 3 months ,get good indoor clones or seed,or grow it out doors but as you know will take a shit load longer
  9. forget any sugar or mollasess the plant cant use these it needs salts which it turns into sugars ,mollasses may have trace minerals but i doubt it ,its not worth any potential probs
  10. ive also heard of something gross, people told me taht they have peed on their plants at flowering to add nitrogen?
  11. There is no way to talk about "bagseed" in general terms, it's just a catch-all phrase for any unidentified seeds. So there is no ability to generalize that "bagseed" will or won't grow good bud. The best predictor is the bag the seeds came from -- if the smoke was good then the seeds can grow to at least that good. Maybe better, because each plant isn't tended to personally in a commercial grow, and once it's at harvest their motivation is to cut and turn a profit as fast as possible. You, on the other hand, can start with those same genetics and pay closer attention to it, give it more time in the drying and curing process, and thus end up with at least as good a smoke as the original bag.

    Airy buds could be poor genetics and/or poor growing conditions. If the grow was too hot or if pH or nutes were off balance then lightweight fluffy buds could be the result. Drying conditions could also contibute.

    Urine is sterile and very high in nitrogen (N). It is not gross to use it. It is a very good way to add N specifically to your fert regimen. But don't pee on your plants, add a very little to your watering/feeding. And do this once or twice as you get ready to flower but not during the flowering phase, N can retard bud growth which is why flowering ferts are low in N.
  12. that's totally false..
    maybe it was grown outdoors in the shade and harvested early.. maybe it was grown indoors without proper lights, vents, nutes, etc. Maybe it's a sativa that's just light and fluffy regardless of how it's grown.
    i've grown bagseed from pretty crappy bud and ended up with a better product than the original bag weed.
  13. i don't think bagseed is a waste of time.. worst case you get some decent bud to smoke and learn how to grow.
  14. yeah the smoke it self wasnt bad, but I can see why they sold it as "Airy"... the weed was in pretty big sized nugz and it was heavy, but it waas all compresed like its been brick-package shipped and it had ALOT of seeds in it. The bud itself was a light greenz hazish colo with lotsa lotsa hairs. I took about an 1/8 and did a quick 1 day water cure on em and dried them completeley leaving about 5-10 % moisture, the buds became alot healthier looking and sticky even after being fully dried but the de-seeding was a pain in the ass, smoked very well though and the recured 1/8 got me retarted :smoking:

    So lets hope I get the same bud under my own growing,curing,drying conditions
  15. Just picked up another ounce of different "Airy"
    Also very nice looking, the buds are very thick and heavy, just looks like another case of mexican-brick-packaging. Ill put up a pic tommorow morn after I qickly recure a large nug.

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