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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TokenAlucard, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. I need to know where a good source of seeds is. If you know a site send me or know of a place around HoustonTX send an e-mail to
  2. Is NE1 gonna help? or was this thread for nuthin'? neways im gettin more seeds from my gf in a few weeks and id like to know if its ok to grow them by a river and if so what precautions do i need to take? thats all 4 ow plz post.
  3. ok, dont grow by a river unless its on your property or else ur plant is gonna get yanked right out from under ya, and also there arent to many places in the usa, or "near houston" selling seeds....most of them come from the U.K., netherlands, and canada. if you want good seeds you gotta risk it.
  4. Why don't you look in the links directory for seed companies or better yet go to the seed bank forum and take a look around. As far as I know there is no USA seed company out there, not even one around Houston TX. Order from a seed bank and have it mailed to you or get some bagseeds and try them.

    If you are going to be planting in an unsecure area, don't spend a lot of cash on them.
  5. how safe is it to order seeds from the UK or sites like to the US, or is it even illegal?? I am looking to start growing indoors and wondering how to get some good seeds.
  6. Possession of seeds in the USA is illegal in most jurisdictions. Seedsdirect and Heaven's Stairway are very good at stealth shipping.

    UK shipments are "subject" to customs inspections, I think. Now not every package is looked at. Canadian mail is not searched by customs. But if its caught in the mail system, its not in your possession then. Customs may send you a letter asking if you ordered the seeds, but you can always deny.
  7. ok...what about underagelings? my lil bro needs them but i cant have them sent to his house or go over there is lying about his age safe? that and what about growing on a marshy edge of a saltwater bay? any nutrients to hieghten the quality?
  8. If you are not able to be secure,,,don't grow yet,,wait until you can..

    No,, it won't grow in salty medium....

  9. what about suppliments? or nutrients? any specific type of soil? and how do I dry the leaves to smoke 'em?
  10. To TokenAlucard

    Soil, if it grows flowers or vegatables well, it'll thrive like the

    weed it is wit no specific nutrients or supplements. If you grow

    in a pot, mix sand and potting soil ('bout 1/4 sand) and

    water once in awhile and pretty quik you'll see the seed throw

    it'sm cap.

    Dry the leaves and smoke-em, yuk! When you clip and trim

    your plant either discard the leaves or make starters out of

    them, that is if you've left a long enough stem. It's best to

    wait till your plant blooms along about late September or

    early October then trim the buds let them dry a bit in a

    warmish dry enviroment then roll or pipe and light up. After

    you have trimmed the buds let your plant grow till the next

    year and you'll be pleasently suprised at the improvement

    of second year buds over first year. My experiments for third

    year growth were sadly interupted by the theft of the plant.

    so be warned as to who you can consider your friends or it's

    best not to let anyone know you have a weed in your garden.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  11. I have heard of using household spices for juicing up a plant but i need a 2nd or 3rd opinion. What are the effects of this treatment? and how long does it take for a weed to reproduce itself? And just to be curious, can mj be made hybrid? I plan to try it and opinions would be helpful.

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  12. As far as household spices...I have heard many tales,,even tried a few over the years,,,I say don't bother,,,stay with what truly works,,,save spices for your steak,,,use quality growing medium,and/or ferts,,,you can't go wrong..

    Ahem...the plant takes the time of growing cycle(depending on strain) to make seed,, thus reproducing...

    or...cloning,with mother plant.

    or..."re-veg" after harvest,,and "re-flower" second time..

    Most strains today are of the hybrid type,,there are only a handful of reliable pure strains,,but if your asking can you cross one strain with another to make a hybrid,,,,yes

  13. What about selling? Whats a fair price? and how do I get the word around that im selling? should I get sum1 to tell the potheads that they know? And also what about seed Hybrids? I was told that wrapping the seed in a mint leave would start the process of hybridding mint with marijuana?
  14. Wow, these questions are leading to more questions... I think you have got to do some research. There are lots of good articles out there on how to grow etc. and if I were you I'd start reading.
  15. Ahh... Token, selling kinda buys you more trouble than it's worth, think about it. First you gotta worry about the law then you gotta worry about the street. Growin and smokin with a few cronies is keepin a low profile but dreamin about makin a big payoff. Take my word for it "It ain't worth it."

    Paul J Jamtgaard

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