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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by aeroblurg, Jun 19, 2001.

  1. how long do seeds last. like can they be sittin in a bag for years and still grow? how long can they do it? i have some old seeds and i figured ide throw some in the woods and see what happons. i know its too late to plant but i have lots of seeds to spare. i planted three on sunday and i have yet to see anything.they are in the sun and they get water.
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  2. Aeroblurg,
    Like how long have you had these seeds???
    They will last for years and still grow. But there is no deffinent date. each seed will last its own amount of time. If left in an cool indoor area they will grow after eight years I know. but thats as long as I can say.
    $ir Bolton
  3. oh shit, these are from the 50s-90s. i have thousand of seeds sittin in former crack tubes, film canasters, baggies.... i dont know whats what from when but some are big and brown, black, golden. and others are some what green and small or brown. i do know one thing. them seeds taste damn good on ice cream.

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