seeds in the empty bag!?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by SAlemSmokerVA, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. man im new to this growing life. i aint gotta clue wat to do. but i went to the geocities thing and found out wat to do and all...but i was wonderin if the seeds that are left in the bag can be grown. i aint lookin for top qualtiy plants and shit i juss wanna plant to give me some bud

    so if you knoe whether or not the seeds in the bag can be grown ..juss let me knoe

    cuz spring rollin around so i wanna get my shit ready..thanks

  2. yes you can use the seeds from your bag to will help you to learn to grow at little expense....instead of buying them......Peace out....Sid
  3. iight thats good....thanks ...*now goes to get dem started
  4. if i get a sack that has seeds......if.........and the bud is good, i always save the few......seeds.

    F*ck trying to grow ditchweed.

  5. woa now..he just wants some growing experience..I plan on doing the same shit. I would love to grow this bud, even if it does have some seeds..
  6. if the sack has seeds that simply means the female was polinated, which means its less potent than it could be.

    I wasn't referring to ALL weed that had seeds, i was simply stating dont waste your time growing seeds from a bad batch of weed (ditch weed) because if your going to take the time and risk to do it, grow something you'll be happier with, ditch weed is no easier to grow than any other bud.
  7. It doesn't matter man. I'm planting seeds I got from my sack, and i'm sure there are lots of people doing it man. Don't critisize us. We just want some extra bud, I'm not trying to sell or anything, I'm doing it for my own personal use.

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