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  1. I recently harvested. Four plants, all visibly females. But mysteriously I have found three seeds. They were all in the same part of the same plant.

    Do you think this is an indication that I waited too long to kill the males? Could there be some hermafrodism goin down? A fluke?

    While I was trying to avoid producing seeds in this grow, I am actually a little excited to find these three. I have already started to germinate them for my next grow.
  2. did u examine the sourrounding areas of the plant closely?? its true there could have been some hermies going on but u should have had a hell of a lot more seeds than jsut 3 if that was the case... couldnt tell ya.. maby u just got some pollen on your hands from abag u bought and touched your plants.. three seeds is a complete fluke and i would write it off as accidental but i would like to be kept up to date on the turn oout of the three bastards if possible, youve cought my intrest.. keep me posted :D
  3. I have found more seeds since my first posting. I have found a total of about 10 as I have been smoking through my harvest. As far as I can tell they are all from the same plant.

    I remember back when I started them on the 12/12 light cycle. I was very reluctant to kill the males because the preflowers were very small and, since it was my first grow, I had never distinguished between male and female (plants) before. I wanted to let them develop a little further so that the sex would become more obvious. I probably just let them live a little too long.

    Here are a few more questions:

    1) Say just one preflower/flower received pollen. Would the whole plant be fertilized with male stuff or would just the one flower be fertilized? In other words, can one produce a plant that has some buds containing seeds and other buds containing no seeds?

    2) Are hermaphrodites visually obvious? Is it possible that a plant that appeared to be a female to a beginner would actually turn out to be a hermaphrodite?

    3) Can a hermaphrodite fertilize other females or can it only fertilize itself?

    Thanks for your reply schrananannnaanaaapuss. I like that you refer to the seeds as bastards.
  4. if a female plant flowers too long it will automatically go hermi in an attempt to fertilize its self. the seeds created from this process are feminized. i dont know if that is your case. just some info for ya.
  5. Only the part of the plant that recieved pollen will produce seeds...but usually that would be the whole case. You would be able to tell if they were hermies..theyw ould have the balls that the males have. hermie can fert all plants
  6. It is now a couple months after I found the seeds. I planted them and just forced them into flowering about a week ago. I have confirmed that seven of the eight I grew are females. I imagine I will be able to determine the sex of the last one soon.

    So I am a little curious of whether I managed to create feminized seeds or if I just got lucky. I don't think I let the plants flower too long as HarryHash suggested. They only got eight weeks and I think they were underripe when I harvested.

    Any ideas?
  7. If you are growing outdoors, I would think there's a male plant somewhere within a few miles.

    Indoors, then, the males got away with letting go of some of their pollen near the females. It's amazing that it managed to pollinate for only 10 seeds. Tiny amount of pollen.

    Keep us posted on the outcome of these girls!
  8. It is an indoor grow. 400w MH/HPS. It is entirely possible that my plants got pollenated. I did not kill the males immediately upon detecting them, and there are many ways that pollen could make it into my grow room. The part that I am curious about is that I only got a dozen seeds from almost a quarter pound of dried weed and that they all turned out to be female.
  9. I have always heard that stress can cause female plants to produce a couple seeds in their flowers. Maybe the stress produced a bit of pollen or something, who knows?
  10. Maby it was your seed to start off with?
    Did you buy them or is it bagweed...

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