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Seeds in my crippy? Oh hell no!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by loopdigga420, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. so i bought a quarter of some really good nugs (i would take a pic but its all gone lol) and there was like 2 seeds per nug. I dont get it...ive been smoking for a long time and these buds are great. never seen seed sin good buds.
  2. ya haha even good buds can have seeds its just alot more rare
  3. If it was good bud, just keep the seeds and grow your own. =D

    Or give them to a friend who grows.
  4. This is the reason a grower buddy of mine stopped using fem seeds. Apparently if the conditions are not absolutely perfect they have a tendancy to hermie, creating random seeds. Still, i would plant those suckers and see what happens.
  5. I kinda want a seed or two in my bag. Plant that shit!!:D
  6. i get some dank sweet island skunk that's grown by a guy my buddy knows. it will sometimes have seeds in them depending on how his crops ran that particular harvest.
  7. Why does the potency not drop in a hermy? Or does it? I'v seen this phenomenon as well but the potency did not seem affected
  8. If it does, it would be too small a reduction to notice. Only when a crop goes fully to seed does the potency drop dramatically.
  9. #9 CheebCheeb, Jun 3, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 3, 2009
    Just because it has a couple seeds in it doesnt mean it cant be good just means someone left a male plant next to it too long. The reason chit weed has seeds in it is not because it is chit weed but because they grow it in a huge feild and dont care if it has seeds because it usually travels to another country underneath someones shoe, or in someones ass, so they grow them all together. The reson good weed rarely has seeds is because the person growing it tried as hard as they can and takes many steps to make it GOOD weed, one of those steps being removing the males. No biggy, I would save it and plant it.
  10. I get pumped when I find a ripe ass seed in a sack. I always put them in their own little sack and label them with a funky name since i usually don't know the strain. Ordering seeds can be such a hassle sometimes its awesome to get good strain seeds for free.
  11. Buds with seeds are not always mids or schwagg. I've seen some DANk nugs that had a few seeds in em. Just wasnt seperated from the male plants early enough.
  12. Exactly, I've just bought a quarter of Northern Lights and had 5 seeds. I wrap it up, throw in a small baggy, name it, and keep for when I want to plant them.
  13. lol, i just got some ak47 and i got 2 seeds(so far) but do you see me complaining? :poke:
  14. When I went to amsterdam I bought a g of Quazer Haze (a potent pure sativa) from Amnesia and it had a seed in it, but I must have left it there coz I cant find it now!
  15. Another thing, I don't know why this was posted in seasoned? Lol.
  16. Where r u from??im askin cause im from FL and i call chronic crippy 2.I havent heard anyone callin it that outside of florida though...
    Any ways...yea the same thing happened to me the other day i had a quatr of some goooood crippie and i ended up taking out 2seeds! i saved them.I dont know but the bud ive been getting around here the past couple of wks have been really stringy you can tell it wouldve been DANK if they let it go a lil longer...doesnt that happen when its cured too fast or something??
  17. Ive seen purple kush with seeds..It looked just like the other purple kush the guy grew except it had seeds..My brother has got em and is gonna grow em
  18. Congrats, you get some dank ass seeds for free, save em up and grow some dank nugs.

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