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seeds in headies?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by illogical, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. i've never gotten seeds in any headies i've gotten. i thought at first i had middies but i asked some friends and they said its the male plant then. is this shit true? if so does it mean crap headies?
  2. Because producing seeds uses up valuable THC in the plant therefore rendering it lower than headies.
  3. u cant smoke the male plant seeds happen when u grow a male plant close to a female plant and the male plant fertilizes it
  4. It doesn't mean that it's the male plant. It means some pollination was allowed to happen. Producing seeds uses THC. That's why the more seeds you find, the shittier the weed quality; it isn't because the amount of seeds removes from weight or anything that your friends typically tell you. It's because pollination was allowed to occur to some degree.

    Laziness or stupidity on the growers end is what causes mids to happen.
  5. so it brings the quality down but by how much?
  6. It doesnt bring the qulaity down just because it has seeds. You have to evaulate the whole bud.

    I've seen super dank bud with an occasional seed or two mixed in.
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    I only had seeds in my weed once in 5 years. 6 in a quarter of NYC Diesel. The bud was still bomb as fuck, a few seeds isn't a terrible thing. Maybe you could grow some one day.

  8. Uhhh... yeah it does.

    It takes THC to produce seeds, and would you call weed that has less THC lower quality than weed that has more THC?
    Thought so.:D

  9. This is very true
  10. sweet well its got orange strands in it so it should be good and i did it earlier and it felt pretty good but didnt last super long
  11. All I know is dank bud can have seeds on occasion, and still be dank as fuck. end of story. :D
  12. It CAN have seeds and be sold as dank, but the REAL dank won't have any seeds.
  13. Once again, not true.
  14. lol this is getting ugly fast
  15. #15 S0UR, Aug 5, 2011
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    This is the truth.
  16. ive only had a seed in dank once. could yoiu smoke seed and get high??
  17. no you'll get a headache. just pick it out

  18. Yea, some weed with seeds it can be dank. But HEADIES never have seeds it in.

    Headies mean just that, the cream of the crop, grown with the upmost care and quality.

    If it has seeds, it's might be considered dank, but will never be Headies. End of story.
  19. So should $20 still be a proper price for it?
  20. Headies can have seeds. Cannabis as a species preservation technique may hermie (grow male parts during flowering) at the end of its flowering stage (to produce its own seeds so the species lives on) therefore occasionally the best of the best dankest headies may have a seed in it if the grower let it go on long enough.

    The best of the best may contain a seed or two. Happens all the time.

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