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seeds in dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MAN0NTHEM00N, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. the other day my friends and i smoked some blueberry, shit tasted just like blueberries! but anyway, when i grinded it up, 2 seeds fell out. out of all te dank i've ever smoked, i have never actually had seeds in it, but this stuff did. do i keep these seeds or sell them to someone else?
  2. grow them and you may get the same bud pending on how stable the strain is, or sell them yeah
  3. how much could they go for?
  4. whatever you can get someone to pay you for them...idk
  5. The seeds? sweet fuck all get more reliable ones from seedbanks
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    [quote name='"MAN0NTHEM00N"']how much could they go for?[/quote]

    Are they small white undeveloped seeds or big, dark brown seeds? Either way, throw them away if you don't plan on growing...or give them to a friend who is. I doubt you can get $ for them.

  7. I found a seed in my Blue Dream like a 2 weeks ago... just 1 in a whole quarter...
  8. I have never found a seed in my bud. Ever.

    Is this strange?
  9. Nah. I've been smoking dank for 6 years and this is the only seed I ever found. Actually, I found 6 NYC Diesel seeds in a quarter once, but it turns out they were white, undeveloped seeds.
  10. Nope... I would have been able to say the same, until a couple months ago. I had to ask my friend what it was :p
  11. My few plants were grown without any males present, still found a couple seeds in each plant
  12. Give the seeds to a friend who grows and ask for 1/4 of the crop.
  13. I've seen a seed come out of a dub of some blueberry yum-yum.
    I was surprised, mainly because it was from the shop and was straight up dank. Wasn't my weed though.
  14. 1/4 is a lot to ask, just ask him to hook you up with some, asking for a 1/4 is being greedy if you're just giving him some seeds you found and expect them to do all of the work
  15. Save them and grow them.

  16. This.

    When I first started growing i had a lot of friends give me seeds and ask for crazy amounts of bud in return. It got annoying as fuck and then they were all kinda pissed at me for not giving them as much as they wanted.

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