seeds in canada?

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  1. i wanna start growin n im bout to order seeds online does anyone know if this is illegal or nto in canada? to have marijuana seesd? thanks.
  2. not that i'm aware of, i think it's just like the to have them, illegil to plant them, unless you have a licence.......but the city will deliver direct to Canada no problems, may i suggest the indoor/outdoor mix, as it's from sensi and has a lot of good strains in it........and you get like 30 seeds or something........Peace out......Sid
  3. so.. its not illegal , rite?

  4. He just answered your question. I live in canada and I also believe that its legal to posses as long as you dont plant them :), besides where ever your ordering from will probably not label it as weed so I cant imagin that it would be cought
  5. legal to possess illegali to germinate and cultivate do not become pessimistic order your beans do the best grow you can with what you have and be thankful you are able to do so
  6. just letting him know the truth about it, no point in telling lies......Peace out........Sid
  7. Kannabis seed has no THC. THC is what is illegal in Kanada.
    If kannabis seed were illegal like it is in the USA Marc Emery ( and many other Kanadian kannabis seed banks ( would not be in operation for many years selling millions of seeds.

    They become illegal in Kanada if you germinate and grow kannabis seed.

    Good Growing!

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