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  1. Ive been planning everything out and I think i will be starting my first grow in a week or 2.

    im considering buy both some LSD and some Bubblleicious.
    are these good strains for beginners?

    im probably gonna be growing 3 plants at a time in a 28x15x40 (LxWxH) dresser im gonna convert to a grow box.

    ill probably be doing the inside with either car reflector sheild things or maybe space blankets. CFL grow, 6 100w 6500k for veg and 6 100w 2700k for flowering.

    but would these strains be good for what im trying to accomplish. just looking to grow myself some quality ganja and find what is best to start with.
  2. I tried bubblicious but none of my seeds germinated. As fod LSD, it has Indoor Height: 50 - 60 cm and an Indoor fowering time: 60 to 65 days.

    You can research strains here: Pictures, grow reports, strain lineage, grower reviews along with size, yield and flower times.

    the LSD looks good at 50cm though my tape measure doesn't have decimals.
  3. i was thinking more of the LSD. just because i know that its quality stuff and it would be perfect for my dresser.

    any recommendation on soils and nutes for it that i can get at a local garden or like lowes or home depot.
  4. I grew my first LSD plant in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. I used Fox Farm Grow Big, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom for nutes. I supplemented with Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus.

    I kept my plant short and bushy by using LBH's 4-Way LST Technique.

    I'm growing my second, third, fourth and fifth LSD plants in coco coir, a soilless medium. I'm still using Fox Farm nutes. I have one plant about 10 days into 12/12. The others are vegging. They are all clones.

    LSD is an easy plant to grow, a good plant with which to get started.

    Good luck with your grow and welcome to Grass City.
  5. I checked and no one around my area sells fox farm products, does anyone else have any ideas of other soil and nutes that are pretty good?
  6. You should just get everything online. Go with coco, it's a lot like soil. If you can make pancakes from a bagged mix you can handle it.

    My suggestion to pretty much everyone I come across is to get the botanicare cocogro compressed bricks. They sell for under $3 for a 1 gallon equivalent or $12 for a 15 gallon equivalent. You can get yourself one brick, a good seedling starting tray, some botanicare cal-mag plus, botanicare liquid karma, and Canna nutrients Coco A and B nutrients for maybe $75 or $80 from

    Then you can follow up that purchase with some 1 gallon bags (like 70 cents), some 12" drip pans, and maybe that big bag of coco for another $30 or so.

    Finally, you'll need to get 3 gallon bags, maybe some more coco, probably more nutrients to help the bloom process. A 250ml bottle of CannaBoost and some CannaZym would be useful. There's another $70 or so.

    So, for under $200 spread out over the course of 6 weeks you can get everything needed shipped to you without concern. This would be enough to grow 8 large plants with some seriously good results and you can reuse the coco which makes the only recurring cost the nutrients you'll need, which are very reasonable.

    Using the nutrients I suggested is very simple. You get a jug of water, and mix in the suggested amounts, its a lot like making lemonade.

    For use with Reverse Osmosis filtered water only! Found virtually everywhere, find a grocery store with a water machine out front, 25 to 30 cents a gallon. Most places have delivery services available. Look online, generally about $8 for the first 5 gallons and $4 for each 5 gallons after. Tap water contains all kinds of contaminants. Aluminum, Fluoride, Chlorine, Iron Oxide, etc. Unless you are on well water your plants will do better with a RO system than city recycled and treated water. Even well water can harbor unknown contaminants.

    Expanding Coco, use one gallon of water for every 8-9 liters of coco:
    Use 15ml of Cal-Mag Plus
    Add 5ml of Canna Coco A
    Add 5ml of Canna Coco B
    Add 10ml of Liquid Karma

    Seedling stage per gallon:
    Cal-Mag Plus 10ml
    Canna Coco A 2.5ml
    Canna Coco B 2.5ml
    Liquid Karma 5ml

    Early vegetative per gallon:
    Cal-Mag Plus 10ml
    Canna Coco A 7.5ml
    Canna Coco B 7.5ml
    Liquid Karma 10ml

    Late Vegetative into early flowering per gallon:
    Cal-Mag Plus 15ml
    Canna Coco A 15ml
    Canna Coco B 15ml
    Liquid Karma 10ml
    CannaZym 10ml

    Mid Flowering per gallon:
    Cal-Mag Plus 10ml
    Canna Coco A 7.5ml
    Canna Coco B 7.5ml
    Liquid Karma 5ml
    CannaZym 10ml
    CannaBoost 10ml

    Late Flowering per gallon:
    Cal-Mag Plus 7.5ml
    Canna Coco A 5ml
    Canna Coco B 5mlCal-Mag Plus
    Liquid Karma 2.5ml
    CannaZym 10ml
    CannaBoost 5ml

    The last week or so per gallon:
    Cal-Mag Plus 2ml
    CannaZym 5ml

    If you need to know anything else about this or you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    There are no grow shops where I live either. I could drive an hour, but I just order the stuff online. That's why I switched from FFOF to coco. I order the coco in dehydrated bricks. The shipping costs are lower that way.
  8. If you've never grown anything, I would suggest starting with a bagseed just to get your hands dirty for the first time.

    That being said, I've heard great things about BF's LSD. I've also heard Nothern Lights is great for beginners.

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