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  1. Whats goin on everyone, i plan on buying White Rhino, Jock Horror, Ice and Fourway from the Nirvana seed company, I just wanted to make sure that the company is straight and all. They have a good rep and everything, so i think I should be good. Before I actually make the purchase is there any strain any of u reccommend from Nirvana that you guys really enjoyed. Im sure the strains i listed above are the bomb, but i figure its always good to get a second opinion. Also, what happens if i try to stick a couple of the reccommended indoor plants outside? Would they be more opt to die if I did that you think?
  2. Nirvana is about as legit as it gets. Those are all good strains, have you grown before? The first seeds I purchased from Nirvana while I was in Amsterdam were NLxBigBud, which I am growing a few of the seeds I have left. If you have good weather conditions, they should do OK outside keeping in mind the hundreds of extraneous variables that can cause problems with outdoors growing, but the plants love real sunlight, that is ultimately what they started growing under before HPS and MH bulbs were around.;)
  3. my first purchase of seeds through the mail was with Nirvana ...... straight up no problems, recieved them in about two weeks. opted for NL x Big Bud as lizard did ..... and did well outdoors here in the NE US last summer. could have used more sun though .... at least 8 hours of direct sunlight is needed.

    the smoke was pretty good .... but i won't buy it again ... too many other choices out there. yield was excellent though ... considering the lack of direct sunlight ... about 2-1/2 lbs from 4 girls.


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  4. Has anyone tried growing their White Widow or NLxShiva?
  5. id say fuck the white widow n get something else ive grown white widow not from nirvana but its just ok 2 me. id say get something better im gonna set some true blueberry that taste like blueberry n not just fruit and something thats mad potent like some sour diesel or something like that
  6. I used white rino and bubblious and the bubblious is nice but the white rino's not all that good. The bud is not meaty.An old school grower homie of mine said its's all bad genes so you can try if you want to. The buds are not dense and the caylax's are small they dont swell.
  7. I'm curious as how everyone orders their seeds. do you just have them sent to your house, p.o. box, a friends house? I want to order some but I'm just don't like the idea of seeds being sent to me house. Am i just overly paranoid?
  8. Nirvana seeds are great. The right price and the right stuff. They are the same as the high dollar seeds. I grow White Widow, it is simple and tolerant. Only thing with my plant is stretch. It grows 40 days into flowering. So don't veg very long if you don't want tall plants.

    Made from Nirvana White Widow:

  9. Rumpleforeskin is right.
    I had two Nirvana white widow's but both turned out to be male.
    If you start on 12/12 I noticed that White Widow sexed earlier than any other strain in my garden.
    As far as other good strains from Nirvana go.

    white rhyno
    and afghan are very good hardy, easy to grow strains that will produce great buds.
  10. Im currently growing White Rhino and White Widow from Nirvana
    and they both look amazing, two weeks into bud with little nuggets
    the size of nickles already.
    Im happy with my purchase so far.

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