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  1. So ive searched and searched and have clicked the next button on multiple pages of information and i think im finally ready to start asking questions. First thing first i live in the mid-west and will be needing to find a strain that has a short flowering period and one that will put up with my noob ways considering it will be my first grow. So what would be some strains that would be good for me?
  2. for a first timer I would say bag seed the first go at it. But if you are feeling ambitious and willing to possibly waste money on seeds. Northern lights is good easy grow. think it is like a 8 week flower though. Berry bomb is a really fast flower 6 weeks for me was only an easy grow because it was fast though had it had to go 8-10 weeks I would have killed them. Carmalicious was 7-8 weeks and easy. There are tons of strains out there. Just check out this before you go ordering. the first sticky thread should put you in the right direction when you see something you like search for it there bet you will find something about it.

    Couple very important tips though before you start. Get your area set up and test the temp, light out put (if you can), humidity and everything else first. If you are doing outdoor your location should be perfect in every way. You will increase you odds of being successful on your first go around if you have the environment/location suitable for growing dope setup in advance. Better to have everything and not have to use it all than not have it when you need it.
  3. White skunk is easy
  4. Feminized Big Bang. Nothing wrong with growing a high yielder with low tech, here's a pic of what you could expect with a bit of water and some soil, plus research of course.

  5. How is white rhino for a first grow? I just ordered a couple packs of them from attitude. Also got a couple freebies, "green bud" and "blue lemon Thai". I have lights and a growing space, just need soil and a few other things and I'll be good to go.
  6. dunno about white rhino, but go organic my son, until you know how to do the basics dont go nuts with nutrients
  7. Yeah I picked up a small pack of nutes from "pure blend pro": grow, bloom and "liquid karma" but I'm definitely gonna be really cautious with them, better safe than sorry.
  8. Generally when I think my baby needs a pick me up I play her van morrison at full bass, volume, from around 2ft away. Then I move through a few volumes of slow jazz, a couple of down tempo hip hop tunes and then add a glass of water infused with a touch of peach schnapps.

    I'm not saying it helps though.
  9. I'm growing some El Alquimista right now - they're a great beginner strain. Super fast growth, haven't had any nute burn at all, and I think the flowering time is 7-8 weeks. It's a cross between Northern Lights and AK47, both great beginner strains.
  10. I'm growing WR, she's not too picky. And even though we all seem to start out with seeds, I think clones are a bit easier, makes veg less of a hassle, babying seedlings.... ugh. :p
    Try to get a hold of some clones? Or if its your first grow just start saving bagseeds :cool:
  11. dinafem strains flower very fast

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