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  1. Anyone know of legit see banks that deliver to the US. As in you've actually ordered from them not just going based off what their website states.
  2. Why not just use a seed bank based in the US? No customs that way.
    I use ILGM, but everyone else hates them for some reason. I've also
    used Seeds Here Now.

    There's dozens of seed banks in the US now that Cannabis is legal
    in a lot of the states.
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  3. Yea I've heard negative things about ILGM but no one seems to pinpoint an exact reason. I was looking at seeds here now but never actually tried them. I'll give it a try. I wish there were more people around me that grew and maybe have swapeets like trading seeds or clones. Preferably clones. Once you go to clones the process is much faster rather than waiting for your seed to
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  4. Welp I justed checked out seeds here now and there website states their seeds contain 0% THC.. is this true?
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  5. The seed, yes. The plant it grows, no.

    I've been dealing with Greenpoint Seeds and North Atlantic Seed Co. with great success. Good seeds and good customer support from both places.
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  6. Do they both ship to the US?
  7. Yes Greenpoint is in Colorado, and NASC is in Maine.
  8. Seedsherenow is great and they ship fast attitude seedbank they are in the Netherlands tho I just placed order at Heritage I see how they go

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  9. Yes because they are seeds which don't contain thc

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  10. Look at the NASB. They are on the seed cost and cheap shipping.
  11. I've only ever dealt with Seedsman. Multiple orders no issues. They now advertise 2-12 day delivery in the US. My last order got here in less than a week. My one and only issue was a 5 pack of seeds that all failed to germinate. My only germination fails from them, and all from the same package. They replaced with my choice of any seeds that cost the same. I will recommend them to anyone looking for seeds.
  12. It's rumored that seedsman and ilgm are owned by the same person. I have only ordered from ilgm and have no complaints. Most complaints deal with seed cost.
    I googled seed banks, article by the Denver Post, ranked top 10 and why, other articles did the same. Im in covert state, thus discreet was critical on my choice.
  13. Check out ! Plenty of unique strains and ship to us.

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  14. Ilgm

    sooo many places to get seeds in USA.
  15. I was 100% satisfied with the L.A. confidential & Granddaddy Purple photo's from them (ilgm) in 2020. Since then??? Bad news travels faster/further. :confused_2:

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