Seeds are just not growing

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  1. I've been through about 7 seeds so far or different strains each planted indoors and out and they haven't grown. Right now I'm testing a outside germination method hoping that something will sprout. My rock-wool bricks fell apart when I was rinsing them so I had to make a hole in them.

    Should that hole have gone all the way to the bottom?

    I have included a picture of one of the seeds which hasn't changed much since germination.

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  2. hello mate,

    I personally just use the wet paper towel method.

    just google wet paper towel germination and a ton of stuff should come up.

    after it germinates then i put into rockwool or root riot cubes. Hope this helps.

  3. The above seed was germinated via wet paper towel.
  4. oh ok, sorry, didnt realise.

    when i have hard to germinate seeds i do the following:

    put the seeds into wet tissue towels

    put them into a plastic bag

    put into a dark place for at least 5 days

    dont be tempted to check on them, just let them be for 5 days

    they should all pop, the ones that dont, bin them cos they aint viable. by this time, the ones that have germinated, you should have a fat long tail for you to put into your medium.

    hope this helps.

  5. Ok ill try that
  6. What strain is it? Did you buy it from a reputable seed bank?
  7. Ditto.

    I personally use a grow dome and have 85% germination rate.
  8. Grow domes are great. Can't be easier than that.
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    No I haven't placed my order yet I'm not sure on how to pay yet. These are some seeds from most likely Mexico as I live so close to the border. Also the above picture is as far as any of the seeds progress during germination.
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    Some good info in here on rockwool germinate

    Shouldn't take any work, or perfect enviroment. Are you germing from bag seed or bought seeds? Not all bag seed is mature enough to germinate from what I've read on this forum. If they're green, I believe, it means their not ripe. Could be wrong on that detail. Think its green under age, and brown that is ready to sprout.

    If I"m wrong please correct me. I have 3 seeds from bagseed of good weed. ones whiteish, ones greenish, one is dark brown. I plan on tossing out the two that aren't dark brown. Have femenised seeds from seedbanks, but eventually plan on growing these and if ones a male, collecting pollen.
  11. They are dark brown I threw the green ones out. I'm running three test now ones outside, ones on top of the refrigerator and ones sitting on the router. However they just don't want to go past the cracked shell phase I had seed sitting for 2 days and they didn't progress much past the above picture.
  12. Check this out, its quite similar to the chart I got from the hydro store

    Reliable ppm chart for marijuana??

    Seedlings, Early Sprouts 100 to 250

    Early Vegging 300 to 400

    Full Vegetation 450 to 700

    Early Blooming 750 to 950

    Full Mature Blooms 1000 to 1600

    Note: EC Calculations are different, here's a conversion chart :
    heres a great chart that shows how different PPM can be from meter to meter... EC is the only real universal language...


    Remember to discount the ppm of your water. [​IMG] [​IMG] Reply With Quote
  13. Yeah all the seeds were bad two were fermented one was green and the other I'm still waiting on. The seed that was outside didn't do much, the seeds on the router I guess may have cooked as the bowl I was using had some insanely bad smelling air in it. All thats left is the seeds on the fridge.
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    Here is what I believe to be the best germination method.
    Cut a 1 liter water bottle in half.
    Fill it with water and throw in the desired amount of seeds.
    Place them in a shoe box.
    Check back within a week or for however long it may take.
    Once they sprout, you can then plant them.

    The seeds must also be of good quality.
    You can normally tell if the seeds have a tortoise shell looking design.
    See if they are really small, completely green (no turtle stripes), or brown.
    Another way of telling would be to pinch one and see if it cracks easily.
  15. I would do that but the problem is its getting wicked cold here at night I've had better results from the fridge to maintain a humid temp I should prolly get a thermometer. I ordered Nightshade and White Widow from attitude so I need to get germination down to a science.

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