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  1. this plant has been growing for roughly 3 months or so now and has had female characteristics for a little while. little buds started forming and i went on a 7 day vacation right after they appeared. once i got bak i had all these seeds in such. so im assuming its a hermie plant, but my question is.. Will i get any decent budding still now? BTW at every node (about 8 or so) has a bud forming with no seeds, will these get seeds?

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  2. they may at first appear to be a little bud but if you look closely enough you will see that it is a full blown male!
  3. damn.... now thats depressing
  4. yeah i know the feeling! if you have others in your garden with that i would suggest you chop it down asap. you dont want to pollenate your precious female plants. if your worried about spreading pollen put a trash bag over the male plant before you chop!
  5. thank you for the advice, keepin it in mind as i will grow multiple plants next year, but i actually only grew that one plant or it really wouldnt bum me out so much
  6. na dude, let it grown

    and harvest it and blend it into a smoothie and drink it.

    ganja is good for u
  7. Well I was planning on letting it grow still since its my only plant, just hope I get something outa it

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