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Seedlings with nutrient burn (I think)

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by envirofairy, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. So, here I am 5 years after I did this in college with some seeds a friend gave me from a couple FABULOUS strains. I got the seeds to sprout and they are vegging under floros. They are about four inches tall and have started developing nice fan leaves and are to the point where you can see tiny shoots where the next branches will be. My problem is that I've got a couple with yellow tips and leaves that are "crunchy" and curl under. I haven't used any fertilizer yet, and i THOUGHT that I purchased soil that was nutrient free, however...i f**d up. I'm pretty sure they have nutrient burn. I don't want to flush them because I'm afraid that more nutrients will be released into the soil. Should I repot them? It's so early and I don't want to shock them, but I'm afraid that they will get worse if I don't do anything. Any suggestions???
  2. If there are nutes int he soil you have used, transplant to NEw soil. Get a soiless mix with perlite and vermiculite (sp?) or just a regular nuteless potting soil. A flush might get rid of some of the nutes in the soil you have, but I woud just replace the soil.

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