Seedlings that have started Flowering

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  1. I have 5 Autoflowering feminized Early miss plants that are about 6 weeks old and only a foot tall because I didnt have the materials to transplant them into bigger pots. Now that they have been transplanted into 5 gallon grow bags they have started to form buds but I want to know if they will continue to get bigger even though they have already started to flower? The growing conditions are inside a green house under natural light with about 12 hours of light a day.
  2. If you didn't stunt them by transplanting too late hell yes they will for next 2-3 weeks if you did then probably not autos need to be planted directly into there final pot I use 7 gallon fabric pots and produce 3-4 ounce per plant regularly sometimes less sometimes way more

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  3. What will be the result of stunted plants
  4. Less yeild wise but still quality is more than possible

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  5. Can I still get 50 grams per plant if everything goes smooth?
  6. U should I had two autoflowers in a tent that 4 sq. Ft two autos 12 oz wet 8 oz when dry

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  7. Bullshit 12oz wet 8oz dry someone else call this dude out 30% of wet weight is about max dry weight been doing this a long time 12oz wet at best is 5oz dry

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  8. Anything is possible but don't believe physical impossibilities dry weight is 20-30% wet is a good rule of thumb you can get slightly more but not more that 40% that would be a record lmfao I hate stupid people who aren't helping anything by lying

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  9. Do u know the best ways to increase yield after stunted plants?
  10. Ya feed veg formula another week light feeding especially if I just started preflowering but it's not for me to decide he hasn't showed any pics so it's all 20 questions and speculation at this point you can also do a mild lst with autos I grow straight autos yeilds aren't too bad 3-4 ounce dry per plant on average yet I have got 6+ and have one right now that I'm expected 6+ possible 8 it's a beats over 100 days old still no yellowing and it was supposed to be done a month ago

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  11. Current pix[​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. I wish I didn't wait so long but it I can give it 16 hours of light a day I should be able to get it to go back into veg stage right?
  13. I can get some pics to tomorrow mine don't have that many leaves they just have buds on the top
  14. I run 24/7 lights

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  15. It doesn't cause light burn or anything?
  16. No they love it

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  17. Well I have a apollo 600 watt horticulture light should I just put that on them 24/7
  18. Hps? If so heats issue 20/4 with ac you can run 24/7

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  19. Yea I have both MH and HPS bulbs which one should I use for veg? I have 2 fans in this greenhouse about 8 feet away blowing on them constantly could I run it with those?
  20. Should I also run it during the day on top of natural sunlight?

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