Seedlings that have been flowering

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Should I get rid of the Ealry Miss plants?

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  1. so I have 5 early miss plants that are a foot tall and are about 8 weeks old they were definetly stunted because I didn't have the materials to transplant them but when I did they started growing buds and haven't gotten much taller but the greencrack plants I have once they got transplanted they have no buds but are getting taller slowly but surely and the Early Miss have just been growing a few buds and smell good but idk if they are worth the time and energy to get 15 grams off 5 plants. Do u think I should just give up and order new seeds. Btw I live in the Niagra falls area and am doing a greenhouse grow with a additional apollo horticulture hps/mh 600 watt light at night and water them everytime the soil is dry on for the first inch. Also the leaves on the early miss plants are turning purple I'm thinking phosphorous defiecenty but I looked up pictures of flowering early miss plants and they turn purple so idk
  2. where are the ygh#ING pictures my friend?


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