Seedlings that already have buds

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  1. so I have 10 marijuana plants that have been growing in small clay pots for the first 6 weeks which I think resulted in stunted growth because the roots had no room to expand but now that I have transplanted them they have started growing a little taller and are about 10 inches but are already forming buds and are starting to stink and idk if that is good because they are so small pls help.
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  2. Help with what?

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  3. I don't know if 6 week old plants that are only 10 inches tall should be budding now that they have been transplanted I just need some input
  4. What light schedule do you have them on?

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  5. Are the plants outside or inside?
    Are your lights set atleast to 18 hours on?
  6. Are you growing indoor or outdoor? If your growing indoors and in bud already you should change your light schedule from 12 on 12 off to at least 18 on 6 off. That is if you want bigger plants. If your outdoors then I guess you'll just have to roll with it.

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  7. They are outdoor in a greenhouse with the only lighting of the sun but I have the ability to put a apollo horticulture 600 watt hps/mh hood in the greenhouse to give them a couple more hours of light a day. Thanks everyone for the feedback
  8. You put them out to early.....right about now planting outdoor is optimal for the south usa.... this is one thats reveging[​IMG]

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  9. Is reveging gonna affect the bud quality and the size of the plant?
  10. Depends how deep into budding they are but you can add that light to make them revert back to veg.

    Anything after 3 weeks of budding i wouldnt reveg. The plants just turn into a mess
  11. The plant just started forming buds like 3 days ago a day or 2 after I transplanted
  12. had me rofl. lmao
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