Seedlings Ready For Sunlight?

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  1. I'm growing outdoors in pots, I just wanted to see if these guys were ready to be exposed to sunlight yet.


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  2. you could or you can put it under some cfls till its a bit bigger then move it outdoors. and bury that stem when you transplant. you are looking pretty stretched.
  3. I thought it was pretty long. Worst case scenario for stretching is?? Also, how long should I wait before transplanting?
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    forgot to originally quote you when I replied.
  5. if you see root tips coming out of your drain holes its time to transplant, or if your leaves can touch the rim of the container is a good indicator. what you see above the surface is a good indicator of how big your root system is. and if you dont bury the stems i would get a good breeze on them to help strengthen your stem, but i would just bury them all the way to your cotyledons. what gets put under the soil will turn into root. i highly suggest reading all the stickies and if you have specific questions that you cant find an answer to use google and nine times outta ten it will pull up a thread from this site or with pertinent info.

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