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  1. Hello GrassCity,

    First of all, this is my first grow ever and I'm a bit scared I'm not doing things correctly. I germinated the seeds using the paper towel and zip lock bag method and since then have moved them into party cups sitting on my window sill. The plants are 5 days from germination and are from assorted bag seeds and I'm afraid some aren't rooting properly.

    As this is my first grow, any feedback and constructive criticism would be GREATLY appreciated. If you see any flaws in my plan, don't hesitate in letting me know. If there's any problems I hope to fix them before its too late. So without further ado, here are some pictures.

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  2. some pics are blurry, but i do see some green which is probably good. but, in ur first picture, i see a seedlnig with the shell on . if it stays for too long, remove the shell yourself but dont crush it! ive done this manuever before and right now its surviving
  3. Cell phone camera sorry brother.

    Any idea when I should transfer outdoors?
  4. Don't put them outdoors until a month or two after your last frost. I would wait until you get your 3rd set of true leaves before putting them out.

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