Seedlings, lighting & Ventliation ??

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  1. OK dont worry no pink text this time...

    I wanted to start my germination this week when I bought my lights. My brother was going to come over to do all my duct work ect for my ventilation (which I still am unsure what is the best system to get for that. recomendation appreciated) but aside from that My room is insulated painted adn lights wil be in place soon can I start my germination and grow for a couple weeks with out my ventilation in place as long as I have soem air circulation, like a fan or something? Also when will I have to have some sort of odor control in place as well? again can i go the first few weeks with out this? can some one recommend a good odor control for a grow room 10l x 7.9w x 6.5h (a brand name and website I can purchase from would be appreciate sinc eI am very new to this and not sure where to find all this at).
    I have MH light to carry me through veggie state and then i also purchased an HPS that is good for flowering right?? just want to make sure I have that right and not backwards.
    also what is the best recomendation for lights to start seedlings? should I do 18/6 or 14/8??? I want the best results in the shortes possible time with out cutting corners and rushing to harvest but again I dont want to wait 5 or 6 months to smoke, I mineaswell just buy it then.

  2. Yeah, just have a fan blowing around some air in your room until you get the ventilation done. There are many good carbon scrubbers, something adequate for your room would be in the 60-120 price range. Check out ebay they have some pretty good ones for cheap. Some come with a fan and some don't I recommend anything 150 cfm or more for your room. (after it's connected to the scrubber) So a fan rated at 250 cfm is good. You probably won't need a scrubber until 2 weeks into flowering. You got the lights right, MH for veg and HPS flowering

    Edit: nevermind you'll need a better carbon scrubber I misread your room dimension, just look under the specs of the scrubbers, and it'll tell you how efficient they are. You want something that will cycle your whole room preferably in under 6 minutes.

    I usually get 100% sprouting with 24" T5 grow lights (fluoros) one or two bulbs should be enough. They're perfect for sprouting. I've failed miserably using a MH to sprout, soil dried out too quick while I was gone.

    I veg with fluoros so I keep them on 24/7 doesn't use too much electricity. 18/6 for an MH would be best if you're worried about energy costs. But stay with 18 hours or more lights on during veg.
  3. can I get the T5 lights at home depot? also if I start them with that how far away should I have the lights and when should I switch to using my MH or HPS, 2 weeks?? and should I continue with the MH lights after sprouting all the way through veggie state then switch to HPS.. sorry if I sound redundent I just want to get it correct.
  4. Do I have to get T5 flor. lights or could I be sucessful with my MH lighfor sprouting as long as I am there to water and make sure they dont get dried. I work bankers hours then home I go so it's not like I am gone for any length of time, so do u think they would work ok? again i dont want to cut corners or anything

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