Seedlings In Danger? ! Urgent !

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by c0ke, May 31, 2004.

  1. Hi guys im new here at the forum and i had a few questions about my 2 inch tall cannabis growing outdoor.

    It was about a week ago until i planted my seeds in peat pots utside. They sporotedin about 4 days and woke up one morning and saw 3 little babies sitting i ntheir pots.

    The past weeks weather was excellent for them 85 degrees and clear skys for plenty of sunlight.

    Now the past 3 days have been bad temperatures have been around 65-69 degrees and i see them starying to hang over...also the skys have been cloudy with no sunlight at all so i dont think photosysnthesis is setting in.

    So i was wondering will they live in 65-70 degree weather with hardly any sun. Also how big should i let them get before putting them in a big pot because i am going to geurilla growbut myonly problem is getting them there without beeing seen etc.. I already have my plot spotted out.

    try to answer as many questions u have seen on this post thanks. And happy growing
  2. tie a stick, or add more soil, to help it stand up.. it should do good, it just need light to keep it strong... make sure your pots are filled to the top with soil it set for 3 inches so the plant wont strech...
  3. do they get some wind on them? its important with some air blowing on them or they just get tall and tip over.

    even if its cloudy, the plants are getting light enough to live.
  4. ^true, but sometimes plant strech out for the sun, witch mean ethier he have not fill pots with right amount of soil, or he set it some were where the plants get to much shade, and not enuff light cuasing the plant to strech witch it will give it a thin stem, and some plant wont support there top leaves in that condition...

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