Seedlings having trouble?

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  1. How's it going ya? I posted awhile ago and got help with some bagseed I was growing. I was recommended ordering quality seeds so I went ahead and got an Auto. It finally came in Berry Bomb, and extra seed that I dont know what it is.

    I germinated my seeds when I got them, they cracked just fine within a day or two. I did make the mistake of planting them in solo cups not having knowledge about disturbing autos.

    I planted them and they sprouted sith their cotelydons and first true leaves. I transfered both plants into 3 gallon containers.

    However its been a week and two days and these seedlings are still at the same size theyve been. I was told my purple led 60 watt was too intense and thst I needed a 60watt daylight led. So i swapped em out even picked up a humidifier. My temps are fine the only thing I can think of is maybe more warmth or light? I have the leds about a foot away I was told not to have them too close cause their sensitive to light. Idk what to do... They are srill the same size, they look fine and healthy just no growth since sprout

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  2. Be patient sometimes autos lag behind when they go from cup to pot .
    Just keep them moist and keep your light lower than the manufacturer's recommended height, they always say too high . Nice little breeze and let the magic happen

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  3. Too small of a plant in too big of a pot.

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  4. Thats what I was wondering just seems like awhile and still nothing. I'll just have to keep up with them and be patient. Appreciate the feedback
  5. Maybe up the dose of a nitrogen supplement like aurora Soul Grow-N that might give it a boost

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  6. I was told that I should of started them in a large pot due to them being autos to prevent any root disturbance since their sensitive to it
  7. Heard that is there a good store to pick that up at?
  8. I had 4 I started in solos with a transplant
    3 dwarfed and 1 grew huge , I thought it was the way I germed but maybe it was the transplant .
    One produced like 15.5 grams dry
    And the other are bigger I'm cutting tomorrow.

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  9. Local hydroshop . It's just my preferred brand I'm sure others make the same thing use it up to early flower

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  10. Use a transplant cup..... I put the transplant cup inside a solo cup with holes drilled out of the bottom and when it’s time to transplant into a larger pot I just slide it out of the cup with the holes drilled into th bottom and right into the pot.
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  11. That looks like a safe alternative to transplanting seems way more efficient and stress free. And what is it that your doing tho your branches? Just curious
  12. Try misting them with a spray bottle a few times a day if the humidity is low in the room. They need the moisture for their skin to expand. If leaves are too dry, they will have trouble growing.
    I believe it's called mainlining.

  13. Manifold or mainlining same thing. I’m using nug buckets manifold. This is a photoperiod plant though.
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  14. You've received wrong information. Even Mephisto, who specializes in autos, recommends starting in smaller containers and transplanting.

    Your seedlings look fine - just be careful when watering.

    Good luck. :)
  15. I use these peat seedling cups ,
    When they get established rip off the bottom then transplant.
    I use these because I start in happy frog then I move to a mix of
    ocean forest
    happy Frog And
    Roots organic original
    With hydrotone .
    As you can see I have one that's lagging behind .
    That will be the one I do my hardest training on [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  16. Why don't you remove the seed shell and it will start growing properly?
  17. I will , I just found it like that this morning , I just put it in soil Wednesday morning .
    I'll take a needle and knock it off if it hasn't already fallen off

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  18. Mist it with water first to soften the membrane that's attached and gently pry it off. Good luck.
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  19. Got it off , thanks for the info .

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  20. I appreciate that info man! I deff make sure to start smaller next time. I did transplant them and also my dog knocked them over not to long ago so maybe they are laggin a bit. Im just worried its almkst 2 weeks and no growth. But they look okay so maybe I need patience.

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