Seedlings At 40 Degrees Fahrenheit

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by klbuds4u, May 24, 2013.

  1. Hello all.
    I have some seedlings in red solo cups outside, they have sprouted, and are about 3 inches tall at about 3 days old (3 days ago they sprouted).
    Today the temperature outside is 40 degrees, it dropped from about 70 the day before.
    Will they be able to take it?
    The strain is Auto Frisian Dew, an outdoor strain meant to withstand some northern climates.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.  

  2. yes but keep them warm under a 6500 k cfl or something
  3. That is too cold, especially for seedlings.
    I'm assuming on a good day it bright, hot, and sunny during the day and a bit chilly during the night. My recommendation is to either grow the seedlings from your windowsill until ready to be transplanted into a smart pot/ground or you can bring in the seedlings to your house whenever the temperature goes beneath 55-50.
    However, by the time the transplant is needed (a month), temperatures will probably be warming up. 
  4. They are in the middle of the woods.  I can't put a lightbulb out there.  So will they all be dead?
  5. Another Note:  They are covered, with plastic bins.  However the bins have holes drilled in them (about 10 around the lower edges, 10 on the top) to allow for air.  Will the bins save them?
  6. i would say it wouldnt hurt to have them on! Anything u can cover them with to keep heat in will help them for frost warnings and cold weather.

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