Seedlings. 1 yellowing. 1 looks nute burned

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  1. Hello Everyone.

    This is my first grow, so I have been trying to do things as simple as possible.

    light- 2 x 48" 40W t12 cool white flouros
    medium- generic Potting soil-[FONT=&quot]aged forest compost, perlite, and washed horticultural sand.
    Strain- 1 x GHS Alaskan Ice (White widow x pure haze)
    1 x G 13 Power Skunk

    These girls are about 2 weeks old.
    The Alaskan Ice looks really bad. There is little new growth and the large leaves are very burnt. The new growth looks burnt too, if you look closely. The power skunk seems to be growing fine and has some nice new growth.The older leaves are growing pale, though, and are drooping a lot. These problems have been going on for about the whole grow. about a week ago, I had a bad aphid infection. I sprayed with an organic pesticide and that took care of that problem. I tested the pH right after spraying and it was around 7.1. Then it shot up to nearly 8 about about 5 days ago. and thats right around when the big leaves got much worse. it has been dropping since then and is at 7.4. The last 2 waterings i used water from a brita filter, which I just read doesn't get everything out of it. I really need help.

    I have not added any ferts. The lights are 2-3 in. away. I am growing in a walk in closet, but I don't have any fans. Temp is about 70 F. They are on a 24/0 light schedule. I don't know the pH levels.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any suggestions you have.

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  2. Have you checked the pH of your run-off? Maybe your soil is too acidic? I'm not sure man. Maybe try spraying the insecticide residue off with plain pH adjusted water?
  3. You haven't added ANY nutes yet? If thats correct, it could be a potassium deficiency. It will cause the yellowing/burning spots and the leaves will curl under. Water them with a good balanced fertilizer.
  4. ok. Thank you. I'll get some distilled water and a good fert. a 20-20-20 is good right
  5. no nutes. just get the ph sorted out. if you use good soil you shouldnt need any nutes for at least a few weeks. get a soil ph test kit so you know exactly whats going on. if you just assume its something and add nutes, you will most likely cause more damage and kill your plants.

    get the ph checked first, if its good then test the soil. then start worrying about adding chemicals
  6. I had a similar problem with my sprouts and it was because of crappy soil and bad ph. I got fox farms soil and test my ph now and every day I can see improvement.
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    Ok, thank you. I got a soil pH tester from Home Deopt. it says the pH is around 7.5. I read that water in the area is pretty alkaline and that the brita filter I was using doesn't really do much other than remove odor and chlorine taste. Should I just get some distilled water and water it heavily, or should I try to add something to it like lemon juice or dolomite lime?
  8. that ph is definitely way to high, and most likely the problem. i havnt had ph that high, so i just use ph up/down to adjust my water, then test the soil runoff ph.

    im not sure about making such a drastic change, but im sure someome will chime in with some advice

    getting some distilled/bottled water and flushing it would be a good idea. then test again to see if that helped the ph. if not them maybe try more extreme measures as adding chemicals. but i would just try changing water first, that might solve the problem.

    good luck :smoke:

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