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  1. Hi guys I have seedling for learning how to grow (making mistakes,trying different things so on..) and I was just thinking is it normal that one of first round leaves was longer than the other and now its also pointing way up. Can this make any difference in her life or its unimportant? because of this, stem is also a little bent. Ty for any info
    (also left part of her on pic is more lit because i moved her to the right so I could get a better pic)

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  2. The little round leaves are what feeds her for the first few weeks. (Can't remember name) Cor..... something.

    The leaves bending up is good they are reaching for light as also why the stems bending a little just move the pot around each day to straighten her up.
  3. So if the leaves are pointing up should I get the light a bit closer if im not mistaken
  4. No it's normal, what light are you using ?
  5. Right now I only planted for experimenting so im using usb led light with 5 smds 2 cm away but for setup I'll use viparspectra 450
  6. Bro I don't even know what thy are go get your self a 130-150w cfl from the hardware store and keep it a few inches away.

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