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  1. I just planted a seed in soil should I use my mh light or cfls

  2. cfls to save electricity.
  3. go with the cfl's and keep them about 2-3 inches off the top of the plant, they will put off cooler light and save you electricity, once its in veg good tho switch to the MH
  4. I have two 36 watt one 26 watt and one 56 watt is that enough or to many for one plant
  5. id use cfls for the first week or 2 just to save electricity. imo there is no way to have too much light with cfls, you would run out of space to hang them :p
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    i vegged a single plant under 27watts of for almost a month, and a week more of veg under a 400w hps. im starting week 2 of flowering now and it looks like if all goes well ill have at least a couple o's. shes one bushy byitch
  7. Yes, the general rule is:
    100w for one plant, 50 more watts for each extra plant

    I agree^

    After a week or two switch to the MH until your done vegging, then switch to the HPS bulb
  8. So far its a stealth cardboard box with a wood frame inside. I also have a question on how to make my exhaust fan quieter it pushes a lot of air but its LOUD like a mega hair dryer ( not so stealth )
  9. So I went and got a clone today and the roots were thriving from the bottom so I planted it in a container and gave it a little water. My question is when should I move it from florescent to metal hailed.

  10. card board box? sounds like a fire hazard imo... what kind of fan are you using? if its an ac powered fan you can use a potentiometer such as a ceiling fan controler/light dimmer. then you can control the speed of the fan, or if you are not electrically inclined you can buy a fan controller specifically. or just buying a better fan is always an option..

    when ever you want, but keep the temps down and dont get the mh lamp too close when its young, or after a transplant, to reduce stress on it.
  11. So how far should I put a 150 watt MH from one plant

  12. about a foot away, but it really depends on the temps at the different distances. ideally you want the surface of the plant between 70F-80F. most cases you will start to see heat stress/damage starting around 85F.
  13. Ok cool thanks I will change it out tonight and have it come one in the morning
  14. The card bord is its shell its a powerful exhaust fan noisy tho
  15. what does heat damage look like? sometimes my plant grows up towards my 400w to lengths as short as about 8-9'' and its not air cooled. im in week 2 of flowering with a pure indica strain and my buds are still very very small. i dont monitor my temps either
  16. the leafs will turn up side down and look like an upside down canoe at first, then you will see really brittle discolored spots all over the plant starting at the outside edges of the leafs. The leafs will then look like crap and mostly fall off and eventually kill the plant if its bad. bud growth is greatly reduced by being too hot... the hotter the temps the less co2 there is, on an indoor grow.

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