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  1. My first set of leaves on seedling are pointing straight up and actually pressed together. 5 day old. Does not look like stretch.

    I have them in Lightwarrior
    6.8 PH and not over watered or dry.
    Humidity 40%
    Temp 75
    400 watt MH cool tube at 3 feet
    No nutes

    I am thinking maybe the lighting too strong. Some say okay this early with MH some say CFL first 10 days.

    Sorry no pics but self explanatory.
  2. Get the humidity up for sure. Shoot for 70%.

    Beginning 3rd grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud
  3. Thanks Vjaj. I am running a small humidifier and turned down ventilation looks like I may have to get a bigger humidifier since I max out at 48%. Darn winter months. Is a warm mist or cool mist better for getting that percentage up.

    Another question. Should I of stayed with humidity dome. I currently still only have first set of true leaves and 6 days so falling way behind last grow.
  4. I'm not sure which humidifier is better but I bought a cool mist for myself though I haven't had to use it yet. As for the humidity dome, leave it off. Countless new growers have killed their little ones with the domes. I use mine until the seeds first sprout or 3-4 days for clones then I ditch it.

    Beginning 3rd grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud
  5. Well the only way to get the humidity back up was to make shift dome. I usually take it off right at sprout but humidity was too low. When I turned my ventillation up it dropped to 32%. With the make shift dome got it to 70% and behold it is starting to relax.

    How long would you keep the humidity that high? I can maintain mid 40s but not anywhere near 70 without dome. The cool mist is nice for keeping my cabinet grow cooler but it is a smaller one and I just don't think it pumps out enough moisture.

    Thanks again Vjaj.

    Recommendations anyone?

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