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  1. Hey guys,

    Im so glad I found this place. I have been getting mixed information online and really just need someone with experience to tell me a solid yes or no regarding transplanting my seedlings.

    I planted them in a seed tray for vegetables because it’s what I thought would have made the most sense at the time. Now I know a red solo cup would have worked just as well - better even. seedlings were planted about 12-24 hours apart due to the tap roots popping and growing to length at different times. They planted on April 12th, 13th, and 14th. I’ve noticed that the seedlings planted on the 13th and 14th have essentially caught up to plant 1 and have all stopped showing signs of growing. Their stems are also turning red which one article said was a sign they’ve outgrown their “pot.”

    Are my babies OK? Or do I need to transplant them to a solo cup? Some say 6 days in a veg tray, others say wait for 3-4 true leaves (no signs of new true leaves for a few days now).

    I’m using a soilless mix which I’ll add photos of below.

    This is my first time trying to grow anything. I don’t expect a perfect 5 oz plant but I’d like for them all to at least make it to harvest. I haven’t been testing pH or attempting to keep humidity at a certain level as I don’t have the set up yet (maybe next year). Is it too late to start adjusting pH? Should I transplant these babies to a solo cup for more nutrients? There’s so much out there and so many opinions I don’t know which to follow.

    Any help is welcomed. Thank you!

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  2. Your plants are stalled from lack of light. It is also why they are all stretched out and so leggy they are about to fall over.
    Solo cups make the worst planters ever. To tall and narrow based.
    Planted on the 1st. So 20 days old.
    3x3x3 square Nursery cups are what I use for the fist stage of Veg.


    Here is a bit larger plant in the same 3x3x3 inch pot getting transplanted to a 5x5x7 inch to finish veg in.

    Cannabis hates having it roots messed with so I make sure to only do it when the root ball is solid and no roots or soil is disturbed.

    5 weeks in the 3x3x3 cups..
    5 more in the 5x5x7 pots.
    Transplanted outside in the ground to flower for 10 weeks.

    Same way I've run for 8 years now.

    You have a window right now to transplant as just sprouted seedlings haven't built much of a root zone.
    Cut the tray apart separating the plants. Cut the section holding a plant open and peal it off the soil preserving the soil ball as best you can. Gently scrape away enough soil that you can replant much deeper. Get most of the leggy stem supported.

    More light. A CFL almost touching will keep it from stretching more and kick it into gear.
    I use T5 high output at 1/2 to 1 inch from the plant tops.

    My 2 cents.

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  3. Thank you for the very thorough response! Is there no way to give it natural light? I thought that since the plants were in my solarium they’d get enough exposure however now that I look at it I realize it’s partial light and not full sun. I’ll transplant them as soon as the soil dries and try to get a grow light. Disappointed that I couldn’t get them past the seedling stage lol. Live and learn.
  4. Sure the Sun gets it done just fine. Direct full sun for as many hours as you can manage.
    Replant and get them past the leggy stage and they should do OK.
    Even old single pane glass reduces the suns intensity and blocks UV-b-c.

  5. Should I also be spending time adjusting the pH of the water I use? I’m just watering with spring water (bottled water) using a spray bottle until the soil is damp. I’ll read through the articles here but there’s so much content I don’t know where to start.
  6. Quick update. The plants were transplanted the day after you suggested. They are showing signs of growing again and seem very happy. They are getting their second set of true leaves. Thank you for your support! T5 Grow light en route. now I just need a stand to hang the light from.

    Pics of plants after successful transplant below. 422FE465-36AE-43E2-AC32-FEA6BAB896C5.jpeg image.jpg

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  7. I set the just transplanted pot in a 1 inch deep tray of water and let it wick until the entire pot is well flooded.
    I won't water it again until it is feather light in weight when picked up. Lifting the pot will tell your hand and brain if it needs a drink.

    I don't PH. My grow has to be hose water only as I use way to much water to be messing around trying to PH all of it. I run a low PH soil with sulfur dust added to combat the high PH of the hose water.
    It's not ideal but it gets the job done well enough. I'm old and broken and there is a limit to what I can do. Hauling buckets of water around the yard isn't one of them.


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