Seedling transplant shock.

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    Hey all. I just carried out my first transplant on 3 plants. The first time was a bit of a disaster but the next 2 went 'ok'.

    The plants were germed last sunday and have been in party cups. The first and worst i transplanted was a red dragon, im thinking my soil was too dry and crumbly... {or indeed i think i tried to transplant this one too quickly,on hindsight i think it should have gone another day or 2, but the other plants roots were appearing at the bottom of the cups}.

    I tipped the cup upside down gently securing the plant between my fingers, when i lifted the cup off it was ok for about a sec or 2 then i seen it start to topple and fall apart, so quickly lowered the rootball into the soil and was a bit of a mess. The root-ball was now just a root-mess.
    The rootball broke apart a little and lost its structure but could have been alot worse if i didnt have the new pot right next to me.

    So yeah, it was kinda dumped into its new home and was sitting at an angle but managed to prop it up with a bit more soil and watered. It looks fine now... above the soil that is but i dread to think whats happening below the soil.

    The next 2 i transplanted went a bit better, not perfect, but acceptable it think.

    So basically just here to ask what you guys think and if anyone has had any disastrous transplants in the past ? And how things tunred out for that plant?
    What are the signs of a dying seedling, what should i watch out for?

    I realise theres not much i can do but sit and hope now... :(

    Thanks for reading, any comments are appreciated at this dark time.


    The red dragon is the pot at the back.
  2. Heh, yeah I did the exact same thing my first time. ;)

    Well not exactly but close. In hindsight you should probably have waited another week (at least a few days) before you transplanted. You didn't have a good root-ball so it just fell apart. Next time, when you transplant from the current pots, make sure you water it a little beforehand. That helps the soil hold its form.:D

    Good luck with your grow man! Peace

    Ps: They look good, so I'm sure they're going to make it... Don't worry bro!

  3. Yes, you probably should have waited a little bit to transplant. I've always found that when you think you are ready to transplant, and you're really excited about it, then you need to wait a few more days to do so.

    Sometimes, getting too excited makes you do stupid things. I mean, your plants are going to make it, but you need to stop for a second and think about the plant and what it needs, rather than thinking about when you want your grow to start.

    Let the roots develop a bit and they'll give you the best possible grow for the least amount of effort.

  4. I wouldn't sweat it bud, I have dropped a few plants in my time and they all made it. Some took a little longer than others to to recover but they all made it through. I dropped a three week old rooted clone on the floor and my rotty grabbed it took off. :eek: I got it back and put in a bigger pot and watered it and waited. Took three more weeks for a recovery but wound up being a great plant and super smoke.

    Wolf :yay:
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    Cool. thanks for the reply guys. Just what i was looking for lol , some good words of encouragement there.
    Next time when it comes to transplanting into thier final flowering pots, il remeber the advice and wait a bit longer and make sure that rootball is solid.

    But yeah, im quietly confident now things will be ok, i mean if these plants can survive a rottweiler attack im sure it will pull through this one lol

    Heres the red dragon, 24hrs after its trauma. Looking not too bad. :)


    Phew. I think its been Bach ive been playing the growroom thats hepled with its recovery :p

    Thanks again.

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