Seedling to Harvest Mission

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    21C568FF-C761-48B9-ADCB-F21D72AF088D.jpeg 21C568FF-C761-48B9-ADCB-F21D72AF088D.jpeg Day 41: Trained 40B8D9FA-AC99-4CEC-B86D-B7E85271E475.jpeg 3D9E24D3-D1A3-4534-A14C-DA04898BA9FE.jpeg E095E5F7-C788-4C3B-BC8C-B175669E8C48.jpeg E095E5F7-C788-4C3B-BC8C-B175669E8C48.jpeg BBAD94FD-B7E3-4C25-A083-3CC4F30C30D2.jpeg E0EB71EC-4A24-491C-8589-22CF919A4746.jpeg
    3DD90F80-2614-4BFE-8E5D-BD3252ED7481.jpeg BD2E8FD5-AA6B-4DB2-92B9-FAB08049A8F9.jpeg A0565C45-F0C2-4BEC-A22C-0FA242AFA5B0.jpeg 86EF7B6A-50F0-430F-A527-483112A08C9C.jpeg Day 40: trained
    FD4F878A-EC05-48A8-85E8-DC5EB24F1390.jpeg Day 28;
    Recovered from topping...

    Day 25:
    EEDD5A60-0CED-4127-890C-B7660D0417E1.jpeg C0195F1D-A512-44D3-AB75-DEF3169A7352.jpeg
    Day 8: 24662B87-A510-461B-88E2-CAAB9D666677.jpeg Day 7: 2FB36DF9-B7E0-44DB-9158-924D5E84B9C9.jpeg Day 3: 2DAD04CA-8655-45CE-B479-A1AB63E00A0B.jpeg Day 2:
    1A872E14-5982-4ED4-87D8-C19EEF29AD72.jpeg Day 1:

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  2. Did you forget the aeration?
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  3. Doesn’t look good OP
    Not sure there will be a harvest but good luck.
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  4. 7A1BD877-43D8-472A-8D3B-C72247F89D4B.jpeg 9F6D2818-09D8-4332-977C-213D9B3DEF6A.jpeg Apparently @dankness420 disagrees. What’s your opinion big grower?
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  5. What makes it bad? Please suggest
  6. Crusty, hard soil needs some aeration. Vermiculite or perlite or something so those little roots can grow.
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  7. I'm not even sure what you are growing in it looks like clay or a rusty piece if metal for soil. What is it acctualy? Regardless of what it is that little thing is growing in that stuff.
  8. I think that’s a rebar we’re seeing. Looks like OP just dropped a seed outside just hoping.
  9. Lol yea I see that but the actual soil looks like clay or rustic metal to the right side of the first pic.

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  10. Its red soil with homemade compost with some organic cocopeat
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  11. 94640D86-DF66-4F1C-B98F-B495F88C8027.jpeg Day 25 updated. Is my plant growing slow or is it normal? Is there any actions I should do for fast growth?
  12. Its probably growing really slow because of that compacted soil. The roots are having issues breaking through. It need 1/3 aeration such as perlite, lava rock, pumice, rice hulls etc.
  13. E3A3F22A-142C-4F81-B8E0-09920B3D74E4.jpeg

    Recovered from topping

    Update day 28
  14. Op I agree with the other posters you would really help your grow getting some aeration in there such as perlite. Oxygen is IMO toward the top of the list when it comes to growing. Helps prevent disease helps roots grow helps benificial microorganisms when you transplant make sure to make it so oxygen is more accessableb to the roots
  15. Day 40 updated
  16. Day 41: updated
  17. 28812271-DD28-45B1-A1B2-29FF9818A412.jpeg CB963F6B-3D29-48CA-9AED-15D51D78F826.jpeg Day 43 update
  18. 74B35841-0BB2-4BD5-A117-C95F1D7C11A1.jpeg C2E76DA8-2E18-46C0-9F2B-08361D77FFB0.jpeg 37BFC8F9-9126-4EEA-824A-9C5F85653BF6.jpeg 59D8F5D4-4E31-4EE0-9196-08ACA16AE8E4.jpeg Day 44 update

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