Seedling starter soil questions

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  1. I have been looking and searching. Cant find a reliable answer.
    I am mixing up about 20 gallons of the soil mix listed in the sticky section. I think after reading its not right for seedlings. I am leaning to just buying some generic seed starter soil from a box store to start them in a solo size cup until they are 4 inches or so and then transplant them into the 4 gallon grow pots for indoor.

    Reasonable pick? I really don't want to mix up a small amount of starter organic and I have no clue what a good recipe would be for starting seedlings to transplant height.
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  2. Seedling starter soil from a box store would be just fine. If you use solo cups, just make sure there are lots of holes for drainage and air exchange. Personally I transplant them a little shorter than 4 inches but I'm sure that's fine. I don't know if it has made a difference but I like to make the transplant hole larger then line the hole with more seedling soil so that the roots have a buffer to grow through before they get into the more rich final soil.
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  3. Jiffy Seed Starting Mix. It is very hard to worlkwith, but does the job and is widely available.
  4. If you already have all the ingredients for the beginner mix, you already have your seedling mix. It's pretty basic - peat, ewc, perlite (or whatever you have), lime, and kelp. No cooking, just mix at proper ratios and bury the seed.


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  5. Yup, the beginner mix will be fine for seed starting.

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