Seedling roots HELP

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by anthony6969, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. I have just transplanted 4 of my ak48s in to compost because i had them in soil out of the garden,whilst i was washing the roots off i noticed a small(looked like white mold) On 1 of the plants roots near the top is this root rot and also whilst transplanting another 1 of my seedlings i accedentily snapped the last 1/3 of the root off will this plant survive or die for sure. they are in 1 litre pots of all purpose compost without any perlite or anything.

  2. do you have to wash the roots before moving to another pot im going to be changing pots in a week or so n always thought u just take the whole thing out of the pot and just simply place it in your new pot and recover with soil... ?
  3. i had to because i used outdoor soil from the garden and it had insects in so when i put it into the compost that i bought i had to get rid off the insect eggs incase there was any on the roots but if u are potting from soil u bought u wouldnt need to wash them because there is no chance of there being insect eggs on them

  4. ah right i see.. cheers pal
  5. I would have used a rooting hormone to ease the stress of a transport. Its ok if a part of the roots broke off, even more of reason for the hormone. Dont over water or over fert. you will burn the tips. By not over hydrating the plant, you force it to search for these resources and cause the roots to spread out. To ensure that this plant recovers, make sure that there is food for the plant. Also, roots dont dig their own tunnels, they follow the spaces in the ground. Thats why its not a good idea to compress the soil after a planting or transplant.

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