Seedling Not Growing Correctly? Help Appreciated

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm hoping to get some help with my seedlings, they don't seem to be growing right.
    I planted my germinated seed on Tuesday, and it sprouted on Wednesday, so it's been about 5 days now. I had another seedling in here a couple weeks ago, but unfortunately it died do to over-watering and adding nutrients too soon.. I used the same soil/medium (80% coco coir & 20% perlite) from my last seedling, but I made sure to drain it good to get the little bit of nutrients out that I had used with my last seedling that had died. This current seedling seems to be growing like the last one though, the true leaves are coming in weird and haven't really done much for it coming up on a week.. I've been leaving the lights on for 24/0, I'll leave the rest of the grow information below;
    Pot size: 2 1/2 gallons (using cocotek coco coir & perlite as mentioned above)
    Lights: Currently using 2 23w (6500k) CFL's about 4" away from the seedling
    Temperature: 75-80 degrees and usually around 60% humidity
    PH: I always PH my distilled water that I use, around 5.5-6.2 and I tested the runoff water today after watering and it was around 5.5-6.2, didn't seem too high or too low. 
    Anyways, the first 2 adult/true leaves look like they're coming in weird, but they look just like my old seedling which died, which has me worried.. the true leaves are still very small, haven't really done much since it's sprouted, and now one of the true leaves looks like it's turning a lighter color on the outside, which could be due to a little bit of the nutrients left over from my last seedling, but I hardly used any at all, and I've fed with plain PH'd distilled water 2-3 times since then, so I thought that the nutrients would have flushed out by now.. but I dunno.. I don't think it would be heat stress/burn because like i mentioned, the lights have been 3-4" away the whole time.
    I'll leave a couple pictures below for reference, I'd really appreciate any help. =)

  2. it looks fine
  3. Looks like mint to me
  4. yea it's fine. 
  5. Give it a few days. It's very common for people to worry at this stage, congratulations though. Your seed has sprouted.
  6. Dah!!!! I missing something here....?
    I see distinct nute burn on the seedlings leaf tips, ....see the white yellow leaf tips, thats nute burn ....!!!
    I'd cut your feeding by 3/4, down by 75%, to just a pinch if that, seeds have enough 'food' for 1 -2 weeks anyways.....or find another way to germ in dwc/cocoa 

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  7. Yeah that's probably some slight nute burn, as I mentioned I fed my old seedling a tiny bit of nutrients before it died, but ever since I put this new seedling in I've watered once before I put the germinated seed in, and one more time which was yesterday until I got runoff.. so I figured they would have been flushed out by now. Guess I'll just leave it alone for a couple days and see if it does anything :confused:

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  8. At a ph of 6.2 your slipping in Copper, Boron, Manganese ,Iron, Calcium, and your locking out Zinc, Potassium, and Phosphorus. Best keep run-off ph between 5.6 and no higher than 5.8.
    Ahh that makes sense, I'll try to keep it a little lower the next time I go to water.. on a side note, after I got home from work I checked the plants and there's still nothing new, the 2 true leaves still look like they've got some possible nutrient burn as vostok mentioned, but it doesn't look like they've grown at all.. should I probably still just keep going with this seedling and see if it's able to pull through? I think if I were to re-plant I'd probably start off in a cup instead of putting the germinated seed straight into a 2 1/2 gallon pot.
  10. Small to start is always better than large, I've seen folks come here with problems with seedlings in 5 gallon pots and bigger. I would suggest a 4 inch pot instead of a solo cup.
  11. I'm trying to find a post I saw yesterday that would suit you, a post of a guy who germes his seeds in polystrene cups with perlite in them, using an old method I'd not used in years ......with pix, very useful:
  12. Well, I'm at work right now but I checked on the seedling before I left, and it wasn't looking good :/ the 2 true leaves still haven't grown any, and now they're a yellowish green color, and the first smooth leaves started drooping, and I watered 2 days ago till I got runoff.. so idk if its gonna make it. I've been germinating by placing the seed in a moist paper towel and putting it inside a zip lock bag then placing it on top of my computer which has got the last 2 to germinate just fine.

    I'll probably give this seedling until tomorrow then start germinating a new seed and placing it into a plastic cup and seeing if it might grow better in that instead of putting it straight into my 2 1/2 gallon pot.. I'll post some pics of the seedling when I get home to see if it'll even make it.

    A couple questions though, how long do people generally wait to transfer it out of the cup? And what's gonna be the safest way to get it out of the cup without hurting the roots? just cutting the cup with scissors then transferring it?

    And thanks a lot for your replies guys.

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