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  1. My closet has two t5 fluro currently and most of the time i alternative hours with the fan and keep the seedlings 1-3 inches below the light, my question is can I place the solo cup in direct sunlight on random windows following the sun throughout the day to get equal or better lighting? it would also get better air and probably more co/2 than in my closet lol? or does none of that shit really matter and i just keep it under the t5s?

    also is it okay to get 24 hours light one day 18 the next? or does it have to be on a tight schedule? it's a seedling not a plant yet :p so i know im okay wqith 24 hours just don't know if i have to be exact every day :p or can do whats convienient for me
  2. whyno answers!!
  3. no contest eh? okay damn thanks
  4. I would keep them under the T5's on 18/6 .

  5. Lol your welcome. Keep em under the t5 on 18/6 or I use the 16/8 schedule seems to do a little better and helps with the light bill. Also seedling veg or flower once you start a schedule of your liking stick to it and keep it STRICT. I'm sure you don't want any hermys
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    Keep a steady schedule and dont change light in this fashion. I$f you want to grow with A &natural light grow outdoor/greenhouse. If you want to produce indoor keep the t5 for young seedlings/clones but veg and flower under 600w +
  7. Thanks guys just gotta find a timer for 3 prong plug >.<

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